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WINE REVIEW: Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay 2019

WINE REVIEW: Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay 2019

Do you find that certain wines are specially made for a specific season? Well, wine loving friends, Middelvlei achieved this with their newly launched unoaked Chardonnay 2019. Launched just before summer. This wine is all things summer; bottled up… waiting for you to unleash a burst of summery tropical dream.

Middelvlei winemaker, Tinnie Momberg believes that this wine, is perfectly balanced, with hints of minerality and a well-integrated acidity.  Made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, the wine opens up an abundance of typical citrus and peach fruit flavours, with hints of spice come to the fore. The refreshing mouthfeel holds the promise of a lingering aftertaste, resulting in a crisp wine with an appealing freshness.

My Boozy Kitchen Review: Middelvlei Chardonnay Undwooded A Sip of Summer in Your Glass.

A little delayed with this review, as we now almost in Winter. I totally enjoyed this summer wine. It is never to late and should Winter gets you down or you get those beautiful summery days in the middle of winter I highly recommend that you crack open a bottle of this delectable wine.

As I have mentioned, this wine screams summer! When I received this beautiful bottle of unoaked chardonnay (in order for me to taste and review) it was literately in the middle of December! It was a scorching hot Worcester Summer’s day. If memory serves me correctly, the temperature that day was close to 45ºC.🥵🥵🥵 When I got home from work – this baby was immediately popped into the fridge (trust me… I wanted to climb in the fridge too) Only much, much, later in the evening when it started to cool down I could begin to function (yes my brain was fried) – that I finally popped open this baby.

Boy did I enjoy this wine! It was refreshing and a true delight. It was like finding an oasis in the Sahara desert.

Middelvlei Chardonnay Unoaked 2019

Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay Appearance:

The wine comes in a Burgundy styled bottled with a screw cap. Label is a classic Middelvlei style, with their coat of arms.

The colour of the wine has this pale Golden Straw colour!

(Score: 3/3)

The Nose:

Soft on the nose. I did however pick up a little lime maybe also grapefruit zest, quince and touch of spice.

(Score: 4/7)

The Palate:

On the palate it is rich a creamy despite it being an unoaked chardonnay. It is a medium body chardonnay with a high acidity. You also get a full mouth feel. On the palate is an immediate burst of fruit. You get little hint of gooseberry, peach, apple, guava, mango, pineapple and a little honeydew melon. Long lingering finish.

Over all I solely did enjoy this wine. It is a rather captivating and elegant wine. Perfect for a hot summers day.

(Score: 7/10)

Food Pairing:

Honestly I was too hot and bothered to be thinking about what food will go with this wine. No way was I going to standing in front of steaming hot pans on a scorcher. I enjoyed this wine on its own, sitting back, chilling and listening to some Summer Chillout Lounge Music! Aaaah Now I need a glass of Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay!

If you are wanting to have food with your wine enjoy with light and delicate food such lightly cooked shellfish, steamed or grilled fish, fish pâtés, fish, chicken or vegetable terrines and pasta or risotto with seasonal vegetables.

Middlevlei Unoaked Chardonnay is ready to drink now, but will reach its optimal peak if left in ideal cellaring conditions for the next three to four years.

Available directly off the farm at R95 per bottle as well as select outlets nationwide.

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