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WINE REVIEW: Vinette, Wine in a Can? Yay or Nay?

WINE REVIEW: Vinette, Wine in a Can? Yay or Nay?

Wine in a can! How does it make you feel? I have to admit – seeing the first wine in a can; popping up all over my social media feeds? I felt like Simon Cowell – it was an immediate – NO, from me!! I really kicked my heels with this one, friends! My first thoughts is, what an absolute abomination is this?! This is sacrilege to good wine! As Greta would say: “How dare you!“I mean seriously guys, how DARE you? Wine is classy! You cheapening the wine brand! How dare you? It belongs in a glass, not some cheap tin can!. How dare you!? Now my wine, is tainted, and have an awful metallic taste. How dare you!? My wine can’t breathe! How dare you!? I can’t see the colour! How am I to admire it?

Greta says how dare you to wine in a can


You will NEVER EVER catch me drinking tin can wine! NEVER!!!

Well… well.. as my mom’s wise words comes back to haunt me for the second time – You never ever, say – never ever!! Aaaand….Guess what? I am NOW a converter!! 🤣🤣 I will tell you why in a mo, but first let me introduce you to Vinette! The brand that changed my mind!

You see boozy friends, Vinette heard that I was such an anti-canned wine drinker. They were utterly convinced that their product is so good, that it will convert this big pretentious wine snob – me!

Well needless to say – a job well done! It utterly blew my mind 🤯🤯🤯

Vinette story of Beni the elephant

The Vinette Story

So let me tell you a little more about Vinette.

In African mythology, elephants symbolise social connection and harmony. In the same way, Vinette wines bring people together to enjoy life and special occasions.

The Vinette elephant is inspired by the story of Benny the Elephant, a male bull resident of the Elephants Sands Lodge and Campsite in Botswana. Benny took it upon himself to reach out to helping human hands to assist him source water, and heal a bad foot wound, during a critical period of drought.

Benny the elephant represents the indomitable and powerful spirit of Africa and it’s people – the doers, champions and innovators. Those that love laughter, and love life!

Elephants are also known to have distinctive personalities and are extremely playful animals. They have incredible memories and take care of their own.

Vinette celebrates this characteristic sense of individualism (such as
Benny’s unique spirit) that combines seamlessly with sociability, loyalty and fun. Vinette represent a spirit of reveling in life, and of making and treasuring memories with friends and family.

What Are The Advantages of Wine in a Can?

People generally like to way out the pros and the cons of anything that comes to a decision making, or if something new is on the market. So here is my list!

vinette wine in a can advantages and disadvantages

Here is a list of advantages of drinking wine from a “wine tinnie”:

  • affordable;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to transport;
  • versatile;
  • 2 wine servings per can;
  • easy to store (takes less space than a 750ml bottle);
  • you can enjoy just a “glass”. If you in the mood for just a glass. You don’t have to open an entire bottle of wine;
  • perfect for outdoors;
  • fits perfect in a cooler bag;
  • innovative;
  • as it is in a tin you have no light exposure so it can last longer;
  • no corks / no corked wine and no need for a cork screw;

…and the Cons?

Personally for me I honestly can’t see any drawbacks from drinking wine in a can. The only thing missing is being able to smell your wine, but then again it is also not that kind of wine.

I want to keep my article subjective and decided to do a little search on google for the negatives on wine in a can. I found this article as it lists five things that could be a danger to health from drinking wine in a can. I am sorry, but I have to completely disagree with this article.

No1 – The BPA Factor:

The article mentions:

BPA, or the epoxy that contains bisphenol A (the chemical that keeps foods from reacting to aluminum), is used for maximum preservation of canned contents. That means canned wine has the same potential risk of a dangerous range of ailments attributed to BPA, including hormonal damage, reproductive disorders, heart disease, irregular brain development and cancer.”

But now my question to you is this. How much wine in a can, do you consume, compared to the amount of tin coldrinks? Do you drink beer in a can? Say no more! How much tinned foods you eat vs. the amount of canned wine you will consume?

And don’t forget BPA is found in most plastic items as well. I mean BPA is every where from water bottles, baby bottles, dental devices, medical devices, eyeglass lenses, DVDs and CDs, household electronic items, and sports equipment.

There is almost no escaping it. Drinking wine from a can, once in a blue moon, is not going to kill you.

No2: The Hidden Sugar Factor:

sugar cubes stacked on top of each other

They go on to say:

“The residual and added sugar content is surprisingly higher in white, rose and sparking cans , which helps the canned wine have that refreshing, sweet finish.”

Now again – what is the difference from drinking an easy drinking bottled wine? In South Africa the official sweetness levels in SA wine are listed below: (it is law)

WineSugar (grams/litre)
Semi-sweet>5 <30
Late Harvext≥20
Special Late Harvest (SLH)
Natural Sweet (or Sweet Natural)>20
Noble Late Harvest (NLH)>50
Naturally dried grape wine (straw wine)>30

Another thing to keep in mind is that South Africa is NOT allowed to add extra sugar in any wine. It is against the South African Wine Laws. Yes folks, we have wine laws and the wine police (SAWIS) are very much on top of things.

The reason for not adding any additional sugar is because we have the sun to ripen our grapes to maximum sugar levels, unlike our colder European regions. We really do the best climate for producing fantastic wines.

old calendar from 1948

No 3: Harder to detect expiration:

Wait what…? This makes NO sense and is not even a valid argument. Firstly, wine doesn’t really expire. Secondly, wine in a can will not be the kind of wine you will keep in your cellar for 10 years.

Thirdly it is in a can, so there are no corks with the possibility of the wine to be tainted with TCA’s! Fourthly, again it is in a tin so it is dark – there is NO light exposure!

No 4: Misleading Serving Sizes:

“If you opt for a can of soda you can clearly see on the label that it’s two servings in one can. We aren’t provided that information (with liquor), so unless the general consumer knows that a glass of wine is 147.9 milliliters, they probably don’t realize that they’re drinking too much in one go.”

Again this is false – well false to South African standards. SAWIS the wine police will not allow any misleading information to the consumer. On every bottle of wine you have to state the milliliters and the same will apply for wine in a can. On Vinette’s can it clearly states 250ml = 2 servings. So you – the consumer, knows exactly how much you are consuming!

The exact same information you will find on a bottle of wine is the same information you will find at the back of the tin. It even has a certified wine seal! (perhaps this a topic for future discussions)

The fifth point was going back to the BPA issue so theoretically they only had 4 points.

Vinette Premium Single Varietal Wines

Vinette sent me three of their premium single varietals wine in a can, a rosè, a chenin blanc and a shiraz. Now let me tell you something. Vinette makes 3 varietals that I either don’t enjoy or I am extremely weary of and you will see why in a moment. The first one:

Vinette Rosè

Oh by my worst nemesis is Rosè. I used to enjoy a Rosè up until our little get away at Koensrust. We ate so much that day and we ate so deurmekaar. We also perhaps did have a little too much wine. Any way I was pretty ill that evening and the last thing that kept repeating was Rosè. Since then… my tummy turns when I see or smell Rosè.

That was up until 2020 ( a good solid 7 years). Honestly, I haven’t tasted this one yet , but so far the other two has over exceeded my expectations! I am sure, this one will promise. You will just have to check out my IG Account for more when I open this tin.

Vinette Rose

Apparently you will get a hint of forest fruits and strawberries with a clean, off-dry crisp finish. It has a charming rose pink hue. A delightful, yet subtle rosewater, strawberries with a hint of nougat that presents itself on the nose and follows through unto the palate. It has a full mouth-feel, faint acidity, and a long, pleasing finish.

Food Pairing:

Perfect to enjoy with picnic platters, a light curry, and your best friends and loved ones by your side. It will also go well with a Smoked Salmon Salad, Goats Cheese Tart or a Berry Parfait .

Vinette Chenin Blanc

Okay so Chenin Blanc – Even before tasting ANY CHENINS, I have already judged no matter if it comes in a glass bottle or tin can. I mean… I do stay in a region which makes some of the BEST Chenin Blancs in SA.

Drinking any Chenin out of the Breede River valley, I have already judged it before I even took a sip, the fact it is in a can? I have already in my mind scored it a 0. Well, perhaps I should stop being so judgey!

This has to be one of the nicest, uncomplicated Chenins, I have had. It has good acidity, which is well balanced. Maybe a little tad bit on the sweeter side for my personal liking.

This wine is uncomplicated, bursting with fruits and a total enjoyable wine without over thinking.

Vinette Chenin Blanc

This Chenin Blanc is ideal for picnics, parties and sun-dappled, romantic spots.

It is a very refreshing premium white wine with just the right balance between crisp and fruity elements. This easy-drinking white blend expresses a fresh fruit-driven wine style with peach, lime and sweet litchi fruit flavours.

Food Pairing:

A gorgeous cold roast chicken for picnics, pull pork sandwiches or fish sosasties or ideally just do what I did… enjoyed it on its own!

Vinette Shiraz

Oh Boy Shiraz! This is one of my least favourite cultivars. Shiraz… for me… is one of those wines, that it is either a hit, or serious bad miss. A Shiraz in a tin can. Surely this is heading for disaster!

Boom mind blown. Yes I poured my tin can wine into a glass, I wanted to see the colour. What a gorgeous reddish purple pinky colour. The aroma is gorgeous, it bursts with dark red berries and spice.

On the palate it is smooth and velvety. Medium to light bodied, but with a little tannin structure, just to give that right amount of complexity. It is one of the best easy drinking Shiraz I have had in a VERY loooooooong time.

Vinette Shiraz in a can

An accessible, easy drinking red that pairs well with good friends, laughter and pot luck meals. enjoy in a mountain cabin or at home, an easy drinking red that pairs well with good friends.

This wine shows aromas of sweet mulberry, spicy and dark forest fruit ,
with a medium-full savoury long finish on the palate.

Food Pairing

Delicious with red meat and hamburgers.

My Boozy Kitchens Opinion?

Whether you like it or not wine in a can is not going away anytime soon. In fact, canned wine has grown by 69% in the USA alone. Yes I know it sounds odd and it breaks from tradition, but wine in a can is the future!

As mentioned earlier, I was extremely skeptical about this tinned canned wine business. I have to admit, and I did take me first sip extremely gingerly. After the first small sip – I was like: Wow! Low and behold – it taste exactly like wine and is not as half as bad as I thought it to be. 🤣🤣😍🤩

Okay look – we are not being fancy schmancy here. This is not your swirling, sloshing, sniffing and spitting type of wine. This is the kind of wine you want to purchase to chill with your friends. It is a no thinking just drinking wine.

Yes canned wine is here to stay, but it will not completely take away from your talk dark and heavy wine bottles. It is just nice to have both. If you like like a no thinking wine – wine in a can is it. If you want a full bodied heavy wine to go with your extravagant meal you have that option of a bottled wine.

It is basically the same as choosing between a home cooked meal or getting a take out. Some times you just want to relax and have life a little less complicated and canned wine has it for you.

What surprised me the most is that the wine is certified by the Wine Police (SAWIS) and that means the contents in the can is the same quality you will get out of a glass bottle of wine. There will not be any funny business in the tin. I also love some of the packaging designs of some of the tinned wines – it is definitely appealing to the eyes and this includes Vinette’s!

In conclusion as you must be so tired of my ramblings. Yes, I received free samples to taste, but only because Vinette wanted to open my mind to alternatives. Yes boozy friends, break away from tradition and be more open to changes. Wine in a Can? Is a Simon Cowell YES for me!!

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

Pros and cons Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay
Sugar Lumps Image by jan mesaros from Pixabay
Vintage Calendar Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay
Yes from me Image by Keep Calms

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