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The meaning behind all the madness!

The meaning behind all the madness!

I am super excited about this blog and just can’t wait on sharing information with you. I have so many ideas flowing around in my crazy brain right now I can hardly contain myself.

So why did I start this blog?


what is the meaning behind the madness



My passion for food and cooking is the biggest reason. I love cooking, for me it is a good form of relaxation. Putting on some good vibes, a glass of wine, and just cooking away in the kitchen is for me the greatest joy life can offer. I am in my own little world…. You get to zone out, you forget about all your troubles and solely focus on creating something that will be an explosion of flavours.

The best part for me when you prepare something and people enjoy your food, and I mean really ENJOY your food. It is like you are taking them on flavour sensation journey. That for me is the ultimate prize!

How can you not enjoy fabulous food without great wine? Food and wine go hand in hand.
Growing up in the heart of one of South Africa’s famous wine region, you can’t help but not to love wine! Hic…

There are so many wine farms, with their own characteristics and techniques to their winemaking skills, and for me, this process is very fascinating. We have endless wine styles and options available in South Africa and I want to share this passion. Pairing food with the right wine can take your taste sensation to a completely new level. I want to share these with you.

I recently moved to a small “dorpie” in the Breederivier Valley and have already discovered many little-hidden gems that I was not even aware existed. This leads me to the thought that if I don’t know about them, there are probably many other people not familiar with these places. I will be sharing these little gems with you and let you know what you can experience

It is important to have the best quality of ingredients when you cook; I will share some advice with you. You will read about some of my favourite places to shop, from butchers, local fruit/veg vendors and even my favourite farmers market.

If you have a place or favourite hidden gem you feel is worth mentioning, please feel free to contact me at info@myboozykitchen.co.za.

Be sure to stay tuned as I will share some amazing recipes (not all of them will be boozy). Some will be healthy, others will be budget friendly and yet others will be childproof.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and that you will have a fun time. This is what My Boozy Kitchen is all about… cooking doesn’t have to be boring. We are here to have a really good time.

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