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Terra Del Capo: A Taste of Italy in Franschhoek!

Terra Del Capo: A Taste of Italy in Franschhoek!

Guys! Guys! Guys!! OH… MY… WORD…!!! If you want to take your taste buds to the moon and back five times over!! Then climb in your car right now and head off to Terra de Capo Antipasti Bar at Anthonij Rupert. Your taste buds will experience an apex like never before. Their newly launched winter menu is unbelievably, mind blowingly enticing!

  • the interior of terra del capo

Winter sure takes the lime light, as the inspiration for Terra del Capo Antipasti Bar’s seasonal menu. This menu is meticulously designed and has your favourite classic Italian dishes, all with a local contemporary and modern twist!

The table setting was elegant, bright and fresh!

Terra de Capo gets its influence from all the high quality seasonal ingredients all selected and available in the winelands. The menu caters for everyone as there is an extravagant picking of either vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes. You can also select an assortment of platters which are perfect for sharing, if you want to.

Menu of Terra del Capo
Just a little taste of what is to come!

Oh my glorious hat!! Let us not even get started on the wine!! The menu is designed in such a way that the tapas-style dishes are an impeccable! All dishes complimenting the wine. Any of the wine ranges of either the Protea, L’Ormarins, Cape of Good Hope, Anthonij Rupert and Terra del Capo wines, are all available for you to enjoy along with your dining experience.

Let us just stop for a second. (needle scratch on a vinyl) I just want to make you salivate for a moment or two. But don’t you worry, trust me, by the end of this article you will be drooling! That is a guarantee!!

So just think for a seccy… one of the firm favourites; is the Italian mini Burrata, complemented with artichokes, capers and pine nuts, served with a drizzling of White Balsamic and Zataar vinaigrette.

(For those who might be wondering what Zataar spice is… well it is basically a condiment that is served in the Middle East. It consists of thyme, a little salt, toasted sesame seeds and Sumac. My kitchen cupboard is never without it. I love Sumac, and when a family friend went to Turkey a while ago all I asked was bring me some sumac! Thank you Aunty Sandy!!!)

But that is not all… how does a freshly prepared LOCAL (note the emphasis on local) smoked Salmon Trout, dressed in a Gremolata crème fraiche, preserved lemon and watercress paired with the Cape of Good Hope Semillon!! This truly showcases one of the best culinary matches from the Franschhoek valley.

One of the biggest highlights on this season’s menu is the estate raised Black Angus Beef and Truffles!!

Yes folks, you heard me T.R.U.F.F.L.E.S – Truffles!! All produced not too far from Worcester in actual fact. They are all growing on Anthonji Ruperts farm, called Altima Estate. In 2010 a few good dozens of Oak trees where planted, these oak trees had their roots inoculated with truffle spores. Seven years later you are reaping the sweet and delicious rewards of truffles. Yes folks, truffles are more expensive than gold, at the current price of R6000 PER KILO!!!!

As truffles grows underground the best way to find these expensive delicacy is to have an extremely good sense of smell. Who else has a better nose than the truffle dog (Lagotto Romagnolo) that kinda looks like a “labradoodle.”

Lagotto Romagnolo / truffle dog / labradoodle.
The truffle dog is extremely intelligent and are specifically breed to sniff out truffles.

If you ever wanted to try truffles, now you know where you can get your fix. Just think truffled Polenta chips served with Truffle Aioli.

125g black truffel on a gold plate from Terra Del Capo
This black truffle weighs 125g, which costs about R750. Truffles going rate at the moment in South Africa is R6000 PER KILO!!

Making a comeback is Chef HW’s estate-raised Black Angus Beef Italian style sausages as well as the mouthwatering Angus Beef Salsiccia Meatballs served in a heartwarming Beef Brodo.

I was asked if there was any dietary requirements, I replied jokingly saying that I don’t eat organs. Well, never in a million years did I think that I would get a plate of raw steak and egg. Yes you guessed it Steak Tartar.

Never in a bazillion years, would I have thought that steak tartar is absolutely gobsmaking delicious.But it was!! This had to have been my favourite dish for the day. This is just not ANY steak tartar. This steak is made with venison, if memory serves me correctly, I think… it is Springbok! Each bite was a perfect balance of acidity and flavour.

The raw egg was not any egg but Quail. Putting the cherry on the “cake” was a slice of truffle. My taste buds was in overdrive which very quickly transported it to paradise after and every tasty bite. Let me tell you one thing… It is worth every penny and every bite! Man, I am still dreaming of this beautiful dish.

Terra Del Capo steak tartar with raw quail eggs and truffles
Venision tartar with a raw quail egg. The quail eggs get stored with the truffles so that the eggs can get an extra infusion of truffle flavour.

The dessert – Hmmm Hmmmmm – some kind of Italian pasty that is very similar to Chocolate Eclairs but better!! The pastry is light and fluffy, with a gorgeous light and creamy filling and a rich dark and decadent chocolate ganache!! I can easily eat 10 of these!! It goes so well with a cappuccino to round this luscious, delectable, fit for a king meal!!

As a wonderful suggestion, try extending your visit to the estate by booking a winetasting to taste some to the estate‘s excellent wines, before lunch. Their wines are fantastic and my favourite is from the Terra Del Cap range. The Pinot Grigio was definitely one the best Pinot Grigio I have had. They also have my favourite red wine cultivar in the mix – Sangiovese!! (Which you will read more about in the near future!!)

Terra Del Capo Winter Menu
The Winter Menu

The Franschhoek Motor Museum, is also just a short tram ride away! A huge highlight for all luxury and vintage car enthusiasts – the perfect ending to your day out. So go on what are you waiting for… go make that booking!

The Terra del Capo Tasting Room and Antipasto Bar are open from Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 4:30pm), but pre-booking is essential. For more information and reservations contact tasting@rupertwines.com or phone 021 874 9041.

Truffle dog Image: by Cemmerton from Pixabay
Interior of the Terra del Capo Images: Anthonji Rupert
Food Images: My Boozy Kitchen

***Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this article, however the meal was sponsored. The opinions though are my own and yes the food is amazing and feel you have to go and give this a try! ***

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