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Savoring Nuy Chardonnay: A Tribute on International Chardonnay Day with a Lemon Curd Crème Brûlée Cheesecake Recipe

As wine enthusiasts around the globe fill their glasses to celebrate the versatility and charm of Chardonnay, there’s one bottle that stands out among the rest: Nuy Chardonnay. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of South Africa’s Western Cape, the Nuy Wine Cellar has mastered the art of crafting Chardonnay that captivates palates worldwide. Join us as we embark on a […]

WINE REVIEW: Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay 2019

Do you find that certain wines are specially made for a specific season? Well, wine loving friends, Middelvlei achieved this with their newly launched unoaked Chardonnay 2019. Launched just before summer. This wine is all things summer; bottled up… waiting for you to unleash a burst of summery tropical dream. Middelvlei winemaker, Tinnie Momberg believes that this wine, is perfectly […]

PR NEWS: Van Loveren Celebrates International Chardonnay Day

International Chardonnay Day 2020 puts all eyes on a heartland of quality South African chardonnay again this year when the noble cultivar is celebrated on May 21. The Robertson Wine Valley is not only the famous home of some of the finest Chardonnays, but one of the variety’s proudest ambassadors – Van Loveren Family Vineyards. Van Loveren’s first Chardonnay vineyard […]

PR NEWS: Happy International Chardonnay Day From Franschhoek Valley

Thursday, 21 May bears great significance on the wine calendar as on this day we celebrate one of the industry’s noble cultivars – Chardonnay. International Chardonnay Day also serves as a reminder that, in South Africa, the Franschhoek Valley is regarding as one of the leading Chardonnay producing regions. One of the reasons for this is the high daytime temperature […]

WINE OF THE MONTH – PART III: Toasting Chardonnay

No! No! No! Put your glass down, we are not talking about that kind of toasting! In my previous article, I mentioned I will discuss a wooded Chardonnay for a later day . So here we, are as promised. As you know there are a number of things that can impact the final taste of a wine other than just […]

WINE OF THE MONTH: Chardonnay Part 2 – The Different Styles

Last time we spoke, I chatted to you about the basic background of Chardonnay! A little history, the different types of flavour profiles and what foods to enjoy with this beautiful wine! Today, I will discuss with you the 4 different styles: Unoaked, Wooded, Sparkling and Dessert. So without further loitering lets jump straight in, as we have a lot […]

WINE NEWS: Spier Seaward — A Wine Range Inspired by The Cape’s Coastal Terroir

Spier has spent the last two years developing a unique duo of wines that pay homage to the benefits of growing grapes along the coast. The aptly titled Seaward range is comprised of a sophisticated, lightly-wooded Chardonnay and a layered, spicy Shiraz. These wines are a carefully considered, succinct addition to the historic Stellenbosch wine farm’s cellar, which is renowned […]

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