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Groote Post #Seasalter2022 Promises To Fill Big (And Proudly South African) Shoes

Groote Post #Seasalter2022 Promises To Fill Big (And Proudly South African) Shoes

Seasalter was once a name. An apt name for a quiet, laid-back coastal town in Kent, UK. A few years ago, however, a sea-change was set in motion. The result, still laid-back but nothing quiet, is Seasalter, a proudly West Coast wine brand, loudly opening new markets and challenging what consumers think of South African Sauvignon Blanc.

Seasalter is Groote Post’s highly acclaimed flagship Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of oak and Semillon. This historic and award-winning Darling Hills estate makes yet another wine that is unique in its story, terroir, and taste.

A bottle #seasalter2022

It all happened with Nick Pentz and the sea. Back in 2013, on one of his wine marketing trips to the UK, Groote Post owner Nick visited the tiny mediaeval village of Seasalter, which had been a centre for salt production in the Iron Age.

“I immediately loved the name Seasalter as it was so reminiscent of Groote Post overlooking the icy Atlantic Ocean. I knew straight away that Seasalter, as a name, would find its way into the world of Groote Post in years to come, not being sure at that stage in what guise it would be.”

Explains Nick

“Lukas Wentzel, our winemaker, had for many years been experimenting with Sauvignon Blanc, partial oaking, and the addition of Semillon. Lukas one day said to me that he had an interesting wine of top quality that he wanted to get into bottle, a 2015 vintage of Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon. “


a romantic couple sitting by the poolside with a bottle of #seasalter2022

Seasalter has been well-received by consumers and critics alike. The limited-edition maiden edition in 2015 as well as subsequent vintages were an immediate success. Not many wines have received the major accolades bestowed upon the last four Seasalter vintages, including an FNB Sauvignon Blanc SA Top 10 in 2019, a gold medal at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards in 2020, another gold medal at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in 2021, and the Sauvignon Blanc Trophy at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show in 2021. #Seasalter2022 has big shoes to fill, indeed.

“September is the much-awaited month when we release our new vintage Seasalter. We are equally excited about Seasalter the brand, and the new vintage. It is such a beautiful wine, and our winemaker, Lukas has outdone himself again this year with the quality and lovely minerality of the wine. Consumers just love the brand, and we are looking forward to having a Seasalter summertime when everyone is out and about celebrating.”

Peter Pentz, Groote Post Communication Manager. “

Lukas Wentzel has been the winemaker at Groote Post since 2000. He is enthusiastic about the 2022 vintage, made from grapes from six selected sites on the farm, as the cooler season slowed down ripening, allowing the grapes to develop more flavour.

#Seasalter2022 has a complex nose of citrus, grapefruit, green apples, and a zesty lime acidity. The wine has purity of fruit, a unique minerality, hints of Darling fynbos and a saline finish that lingers.

#Seasalter2022 is crisp, bold, and refreshing, and hearty veggie dishes would complement its green flavours.

Ravioli with herbed tomato sauce, or pasta with olive oil, lemon, fresh tomatoes, and most fish dishes will pair perfectly with this wine.”

woman laying on a towel with a magazine next to the pool with a bottle of #seasalter2022 next to her


Seasalter is as comfortable on award-winning wine lists as on the beach, especially with the launch of the brand-new SeasalterXPlakkie collaboration. “Seasalter is a brand that lends itself to exciting opportunities,” says Peter Pentz. “And what can be more exciting than collaborating with the truly South African brand Plakkie – from the producers of Veldskoen which South Africans love.”

Plakkie is a world-class, locally made flip-flop with a cheeky South African personality. “Plakkie was conceptualised around the same time as Veldskoen was launched in 2016,” says Creative Director Anna Greenfield. “We celebrate ‘South African-ness’ through humour, kindness, optimism, and the pursuit of fresh ideas that bring new energy and opportunity to our country.

#seasalter2022 and plakkie

“We only collaborate with other businesses that we feel share our values. Seasalter is a fresh young brand from one of our old wine farms steeped in heritage. In the Seasalter brand, we see a reflection of what we wish to achieve with Plakkie. We are stronger when we do things together. We are proud and excited to have collaborated with Seasalter on this cool new style,” Greenfield says.

Creative Director Anna Greenfield

“You literally live out the brand – sea, sand, summer, fun – when wearing the Seasalter X Plakkie,” Peter says. “It is such a cool piece of merchandise, available on our website and at our cellar door at the great bargain of R250 a pair. It is made to enjoy life and, obviously, to drink Seasalter in – such a lovely initiative brought to life by these two brands that collaborated. “

Seasalter is a wine that is made with a lot of caution and thought behind it. Seasalter is also a game-changer that continues to challenge the norm – from silver to gold, double gold, 93 Tim Atkin and 4.5 Platter points, a trophy, two top 10’s… and now an X Plakkie. Not to be taken with a grain of salt!


Only an hour’s drive from Cape Town, the Groote Post farm presents a rustic and country atmosphere with beautiful views of the Atlantic coast and Table Mountain, spectacular West Coast flowers in spring, and warm country hospitality.

Visit them for a taste of award-winning wines and enjoy Hilda’s Kitchen’s superb culinary experience or a Groote Post picnic. For the adventurous, there are game drives, nature walks, and birdwatching. Wine tasting opening times are daily from 10:00 to 16:00 (only closed on Easter Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day).

#Seasalter2022 is available from the Groote Post cellar door, online at and at select fine wine merchants around the country. The approximate retail price is R172.

For more information, visit www.grootepost.co.za or contact Groote Post at tel 022 492 2825 or email wine@grootepost.co.za.

Join the conversation with #Seasalter2022 and @Grootepost on social media, on Facebook at , Twitter at and Instagram

Issued by: Peter Pentz, Communications Manager – Groote Post
Queries: peter@grootepost.co.za / 022 492 2825

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