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Roodeberg Celebrates 70 Years of Making Memorable Moments!

Roodeberg Celebrates 70 Years of Making Memorable Moments!

Roodeberg, the legendary red blend that has been bringing friends together world wide since 1949!

This year Roodeberg celebrates their 70th anniversary!!

This is a true South African original red blend which has stood the test of time! Roodeberg is the heart and soul of memorable get-togethers in the company of good friends.

There are big plans afoot for 2019 so keep your eyes peeled and hop on board to celebrate Roodeberg’s 70th milestone year with upcoming new wine launches, promotions and events.

Roodeberg’s rich heritage and colourful tapestry of wine folklore, has seen this signature red evolve from the master’s original blend to an accessible, contemporary classic in step with ever changing tastes and lifestyles.

Roodeberg made it’s mark in the South African Wine History!

Dr Charles Niehaus, a legendary pioneer of the South African wine industry and brainchild of the Roodeberg launch this famous wine in 1949!

This supremely skilled wine specialist, Dr Charles Niehaus, developed new red blends at KWV in the early 40s. Roodeberg soon became one of the country’s biggest export wine brands.

As it only became available for the local market in 2004, this wine is still enjoyed as an iconic status in the hearts and minds of many South Africans. From the onset, every bottle of Roodeberg had a story to tell. At the time, locals could only obtain Roodeberg through a wine farming acquaintance with a KWV quota.

Roodeberg celebrates 70 years
Roodeberg Wine Celebrates 70 years in the industry. This wine has many stories to tell.

It is said that bartering sought-after test match tickets, biltong and the like in return for a bottle or two was a common occurrence. For many Roodeberg still conjures up fond memories of people, places and occasions, and of sharing special life-changing moments with family and friends, often with rare vintages squirreled away.

Dr Niehaus retired in 1971 leaving and indelible mark on the world of wine. Today, Louwritz Louw follows the string of fine winemakers who have borne the torch Dr Niehaus first lit, proudly continuing the Roodeberg tradition.

Meeting the Winemaker – Louwritz Louw

KWV Winemaker -  Louwritz Louw  Roodeberg
KWV Winemaker – Louwritz Louw

I had the privileged to have a mini interview with winemaker Louwritz Louw who is currently working extremely hard in keeping Dr Niehaus legacy alive today!

What made you decide to pursue a career in winewmaking?

“I grew up on a wine farm in Vredendal in the Olifantsriver valley. Often, I accompanied my father delivering grapes to the local wine cellar. I was introduced to the winemaking process from an early age. From then always wanted to become a winemaker. “

What surprised you the most about being a winemaker?

“The importance of team work in the winery.”

What goals are you still wanting to achieve?

“I want to be consistent on quality improvement in Roodeberg every year to come while working at KWV”

What do you find to be the hardest challenge when it is Harvest season?

“Definitely the long hours and time away from my family and friends for about 2 months.”

What is your winemaking style?

“Less is more. Let the vineyard speak for itself. Definitely no “recipes” every vintage is different and has to be treated accordingly. “

What is your favourite varietals to work with and why?

“I enjoy the versatility of Shiraz and Pinotage. You can make anything from dry Rose’s, dry Red and even Fortified Cape Ruby style wine. On the other side at KWV I gained a lot experience working with Petit Verdot and Malbec that is so important in Roodeberg in terms of colour and structure. They never disappoint.”

Who is your wine hero?

“Christo Pienaar, Cellar Master at Nuy Winery who gave me the opportunity as a young student to start as Assistant Winemaker at Nuy. I learned so much working with him for 5 years. Also Charles Hopkins who is the Cellar Master at De Grendel Wines. He is one of the Country’s best winemakers and what’s even more important in our industry is that he a very humble and nice guy.”

What is the most rewarding thing about being a winemaker?

“To see a happy consumer : ) “

What advise can you give for someone who is wanting to pursue a career in winemaking?

“Do as much International harvests as you can before settling down. The experience you gain is priceless!”

Remember to stay tuned so you can catch all the action of Roodeberg’s 70th anniversary year! Joining the Roodeberg community on Facebook or follow @Roodeberg_Wine on Instagram and Twitter.

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