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New Label Design Boosts Rhino Run’s Eco-Pursuit For Its Premium Range

New Label Design Boosts Rhino Run’s Eco-Pursuit For Its Premium Range

Van Loveren is proud to present the upgraded label design of the Rhino Run wines – the Robertson winery’s premium conservation range. In essence, the changes double down on efforts to give exposure to the crisis surrounding the rhino species of Southern Africa.

Since 2008, an upswing in poaching has pitched the animals into a struggle for survival, with some 10 000 poached for their horns. As a producer invested in the preservation of natural heritage, both through
responsible farming practices and Initiatives further afield, Van Loveren has long been involved with conservation including projects such as the Rhino Run.

The Rhino Run Project

A percentage of every bottle of Rhino Run sold is donated to conservation and anti-poaching initiatives with the main beneficiary being SANParks.

In highlighting the mission, Rhino Run’s new label has adopted a range of new devices. The main motif incorporates an adult and young rhino surrounded by typical flora and fauna from the animals’ environment, many of which form part of the rhino’s diet in the bush.

The meticulous hand-drawn illustrations reflect the judicious care with which the wine is made.

The Portfolio:

rhino run chenin blanc with tropical fruit and honey

It currently comprises of three wines. There are two organic wines, a red blend and a Chenin Blanc, as well as a naturally preserved (no sulphur added) Pinotage. A naturally preserved (no sulphur added) Chardonnay will be launched within the Rhino Run range in 2024.

Organic wine is produced from grapes grown using organic farming principles. This means that only a few approved fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides can be used through the growing season and
their use is restricted. Organic growers must pay close attention to their crop and address any underlying causes of diseases and pests quickly.

Through being farmed organically, Rhino Run wines reinforces the message of environmental sustainability, the preservation of biodiversity, and the production of wines that are made as naturally as possible. The result is a more natural and authentic expression of the terroir that gave rise to the wines.

To make a no sulphur added wine, the Rhino Run range makes use of a South African tannin that has been developed from the endemic honeybush plant which only grows in the southern west areas of South Africa.

Honeybush has natural antioxidants that, when applied correctly, help protect the wine without any additional use of sulphur.

Another benefit to not adding any sulphur to the wines, are the increased aromatics and fruitiness that the consumers will enjoy in the glass.

Rhino Run premium conservation wines are available at selected restaurants and wine retailers across Southern Africa. Rhino Run wines are also available, along with Van Loveren’s full range, via its
online store.

For more information, send email to info@vanloveren.co.za or call +27(0) 23 61 51505.

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