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Stettyn Family Vineyards: 5 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love

Stettyn Family Vineyards: 5 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love

Stettyn Family Vineyards is my first Worcester Wine and Olive Route estate, I fell utterly head over heels in love with, upon my move to Worcester five years ago. My fellow wine enthusiasts, today I am excited to share with you five reasons that Stettyn Family Vineyards should be on your radar. Once you visit, you will never want to leave!

#1 – That View!

The beauty that surrounds Stettyn Family Vineyards leaves me awestruck every time I visit. The views are always different and they never disappoint. One day everything seems so crisp, clean, and fresh. As the mountains rise above the green valley below, they appear so close with different shades of blue, against a sky that is as blue as the soft azure surface of the southern sea.

Another day, the hazy mountains appear miles away! Or as the seasons change so does the valley below as it is transformed too various hues of orange and red as the vines change. Other times everything looks dull and barren as the wheat harvest begins.

The views never ceases to disappoint!

Stettyn Family Vineyard lazy outdoor furniture looking over vineyards and mountain views

The scene is set! A lazy morning (we don’t judge) crashing outside under the big old trees, the sunshine gently gleams your soft skin, the feel of a tender breeze caresses your face, nothing to hear other than the sweet lyrics of happy birds, the buzzing of bees and the fluttering of the occasional butterfly, overlooking the valley as far as the eye can see, sipping on fine wine along with the sweet smell of fresh country air! Do I need to say more?

The rest you will have to discover for yourself. And OH! On visiting Stettyn Family Vineyards, it is best to clear your schedule! Once seated on those comfy outdoor chairs – you will be crashing at Stettyn for the rest of the day!! 100% guaranteed!

#2 – Stettyn Family Vineyards Bringing The Outdoors Inside!

Ja…But….. My Boozy Kitchen, I hear you, BUT… what if the weather is miserable, like those typical Cape Winter’s. You know the wind is howling and it is raining cats and dogs? And it is freezing cold?

Now… now.., don’t look for excuses, because Stettyn Family Vineyards has everything covered so THERE ARE NO excuses available!

Stettyn Family Vineyards recently completed a makeover of their tasting room. They have effectively expanded the area. The room is considerably larger than it was before, and feels much more open and airy.

The area is modern with mid century furniture and sets the tone – INVITING. The classic pieces are both comfortable and straightforward, a sign of a modern style. What ties this entire space together? An eye catching light fixture, which puts a contemporary spin on the classic chandelier.

The space just invites you in.

During their expansion, Stettyn Family Vineyards decided to install expansive glass folding doors instead of building walls. When it is a hot summer’s day you can have these doors open – allowing the outside to come in. On days when the wind is misbehaving like a wild child or the rain is coming down like a biblical deluge, these doors can be closed. A bonus is that the visitor can still marvel at the stunning panoramic view despite the weather.

inside view of stettyn family vineyards when it is windy
Even if the wind is behaving like a spoiled wild child you can still take in the natural beauty that surrounds Stettyn Family Vineyards

Large, comfy leather chairs and a cozy fireplace creates the right kind of atmosphere. Once you sit down, it is unlikely that you will be getting up any time soon.

When it is pouring with rain the inside tasting room of Stettyn Family Vineyards has a snug atmosphere.

Stettyn Family Vineyards Fireplace
Cozy fire place provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to a cold winters day!

Stettyn Family Vineyards tasting room has this awesome atmosphere. One that makes you want to take your shoes off and curl up in the big comfy arm chair with a plush blanket, a good book and a glass of Stettyn Pinotage.

So scrap the rest of your plans! You ARE NOT going anywhere!!

#3 – A Mean Cheese Platter

The one thing that really makes Stettyn Family Vineyards stand out is their consistently good charcuterie board. It is not like one day you go and it is skimpy and the next time it’s bounteous. You know what you are going to expect for R235: A decent platter which is an absolute value for money.

As I am a huge supporter of #LocalisLekker. Everything on that repurposed oak barrel board is of the best local and homemade ingredients. For example the marmalade, pesto’s, olives… oh my goodness those olives!! Olive fans this one is for you!!! Warning: you will be an absolute glutton for these olives. The best thing to do is to order extras for yourself or if necessary… share! 

Stettyn Family Vineyards is commitment to high quality, not just in wines but in everything it does!

As the seasons change, so do the platters! Each season, they incorporate the delicious fruit of the season. Most of the juicy and ripe fruit on this board is grown at Stettyn. In winter they present their winter platter where you can sip and savour a mini cup of soup! Hmmmmm 😋Soup is always a tasty option on a Cape Winter’s Day.

Note to self: must grab a bottle or two of that onion marmalade and olives the next time I visit!!

You can also top up your cheese board with your favourite items at an additional cost. If you’re craving something a little more, enjoy some oysters and bubbles in the scorching hot summer months. An in winter sip a hot cup of coffee and slice of cake in the winter before heading home.

#4 – The Sense of Family and Community

Stettyn Family Vineyards put the family at the center of its business, and upon your arrival, whether you’re a new or old visitor, you’ll feel like you’re family. It adds to the #StettynExperience. The number 1 reason you will fall in love with Stettyn and not want to leave.  

You know that feeling when you visit good friends and you just want to “kuier” the entire day, well this is what you will experience at Stettyn Family Vineyard!

“…you visit as a stranger and leave as family.

Stettyn Family Vineyards Website

Stettyn Family Vineyards Gives Back to the Community!

There are 3 biggest noticeable projects that Stettyn Family Vineyards are currently running that you as a consumer gets indirectly involved. Shackleton, Babelki, and the Deed all play a role in this.   

The Shackleton

The shackelton old vine chenin blanc from Stettyn Family Vineyards
I enjoyed the Shackleton Old Vine Chenin Blanc on #drinkchenin day at home with Sushi.
A full review coming soon!

An Old Vine Chenin which pays homage to the Shackleton MR3 – 1718 catastrophic air disaster where this mighty giant crashed in the Stettynsberg mountains in 1963, killing all 13 crew members on impact. Every time a happy wine drinker purchases a bottle of the Shackleton Chenin Blanc, R10 is donated to the Friends of the SAAF Museum.

The Babelki

Babelki sparkling wine
Babelki Chardonnay Pinot Noir from Stettyn Family Vineyards – Do you notice the braille on the label?

Worcester is well-known as the Care Capital of South Africa as there are an unique collection of organisations careing for the needs of persons with disabilities. One of these organisations is the Innovation for the Blind.

Stettyn Family Vineyards has taken hands with the Innovation for the Blind. For every bottle of Babelki sold a small provision is presented to the Innovation for the blind. You will notice that on the label of the Babelki is braille.

The Deed

The Deed a brand new cap classique

They say charity begins and at home. Stettyn Family Vineyards has embraced this saying wholeheartedly by investing in the future by giving back to the local primary school. Purchasing a bottle of Stettyn’s new Cap Classique “The Deed” you too are investing in a better future!

Wine reviews of each of these wines will be posted soon! So stay tuned!

Mondays are Vintage Monday, where pensioners (65years and older) can receive discounted wine at their Tasting Room.

Stettyn Family Vineyard’s Wine

Last but not least – Wine! Stettyn Family Vineyards wine is made with attention to detail and lots of love! I mean is that the main reason for visiting a WINE farm? Stettyn Family Vineyards even though located in the Worcester Wine District – Stettyn Family Vineyard have their own unique Wine of Origin – Stettyn.

It is the landmark intersection in the Cape Winelands between ‘fynbos’ and Karoo; urban and rural; heritage and progress. Making it a rare find.

a welcome sign at stettyn family vineyards

What makes Stettyn Family Vineyards a rare find?

Stettyn Family Vineyards has about 438 hectares of vineyards, 70% white cultivars and 30% red grape varieties. A very modern cellar has the capacity to press 7000 tons of grapes every year. They have the advantage of being able to identify specific vineyard blocks to produce the desired quality for both bulk and bottled wine production. This helps to maintain a healthy balance between exports and local sales.

Stettyn also has a unique terroir: a combination of different soil types, climate, topography and location, together with abundant flora and fauna. Stettyn Family Vineyards located on a paradox threshold as it is on the borderline of a cooler, wetter Boland region and a tougher, drier Karoo. Icy cold winters allows for good dormancy in the vineyards, while the surrounding snow capped (in winter) mountains captures enough water for the hot summer months. The summer months are moderate aiding too long, slow ripening of grapes.

You can taste an array of Stettyn Wines, R30 for white wines and R30 for red wines in addition R10 extra for each other wine you would like to taste.

However, should you purchase 3 bottles and more your tasting fee gets is wavered.


take the road less travelled
Take the road less traveled and get to wander – explore – discover the unknown.

So you have the view, the atmosphere, the sense of kinship, the food and the wine, but Stettyn Family Vineyards offers so much more, in over above all it offers an experience. An experience that will make you fall in love and have you returning again and again and again…

Stettyn Family Vineyards awaits you on the road less traveled!

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