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WINE REVIEW: Perlé de Jean A Romantic Sunshine in a bottle!

WINE REVIEW: Perlé de Jean A Romantic Sunshine in a bottle!

It is hot (you know the kind of hot, … that if you stick your head out the door… your face melts off HOT?) and the sun is beating, (more like slaughtering) and you just feel mislik. (Ok… so…maybe a little over dramatic? But… one, I am a winter baby, and two, I stay where the devil stokes his fire) You know you feel like something to drink to cool you down. You want something that is light, (with temperatures soaring the last thing you want is a heavy wooded white wine) something that is refreshing, and a taste of my version of a perfect summer (which by the way doesn’t include being stuck in a desert with temperatures soaring over 40C every single day).

Little dramatic I know… but taking a sip of the Perlè de Jean opens up a door to how I dream of summer!

As you walk down the wine isle, your eyes immediately falls on a particular bottle of wine. The label... it immediately catches your attention! It is so pretty with pink, squiggles of rose gold and touches of turquoise. As you reach out to take the bottle of wine you immediately notice the colour of the wine: it is a gorgeous coppery salmon pink. And BOOM – it hits you… this is a perlé-styled Pinot Grigio rosé! Let me repeat that: a… semi… sweet…. Pinot Grigio Rosé!!!! It is a style I have never seen, nor tasted! I was caught, hook, line and sinker! I JUST had to get it!!

Perlé de Jean Story

This wonderful vivacious, elegant salmon-pink wine was launched in 2018 by the Van Loveren Family Vineyards.

The source of the wine’s title is more than just a story. You see my Boozy loving darlings, Perlé de Jean gets its name from the late and effervescent matriarch to the Retiefs of Van Loveren. The beautiful label design is a loving tribute to her and the magnificent garden she and husband Hennie established on the estate in 1939.

Many of the trees they planted together over the years commemorate special occasions and historic figures, including intimate family events such as the births of 11 grandchildren. Now a lush paradise, the garden at the home of Van Loveren in the Robertson Wine Valley is open to visitors and remains a popular, year-round destination to this day.

Wine Talk: Pinot Grigio

But before we go into more info about the Perlè de Jean let’s first talk a little about Pinot Grigio!

Pinot Grigio aka Pinot Gris are one in the same. Gris is the french word for grey and this is referring to the blue grey colour of the grapes.

By saying the above, does it mean that Pinot Grigio is a red grape? And yes it is! Depending on the regions, the color can range from a blueish grey to a dark red. We all know the basic wine-making practices that white wines are made from “green” grapes, extracting the juice and the discarding the skin. Whereas red wines, the grapes are fermented with the skin on, this is what gives red wine its color. Pinot Grigio is a rebel; an utter exception to the rule!

Pinot Grigio Grapes - the grapes that makes the Jean de Perlè
Pinot Grigio grapes… Do you now see why they don’t make red wine with these grapes?

So why don’t we find red Pinot Grigio? Well perhaps tradition is one reason? Or another reason is that Pinot Grigio just taste much better as a white wine. As it is a mutation of Pinot Noir, the grape has a very thin skin, and should you ferment the skins with the juice, you wouldn’t get the kind of rich colour you would get in a red wine.

Pinot Grigio originates from France! Yes that is right! Many do associate Pinot Grigio with Italy, but indeed, it comes from France. In actual fact it comes from Burgundy!

Some of the characteristics you can find in a Pinot Grigio are the following:

  • Citrus: Lime, Lemon
  • Pipfruit: Apple, Pear
  • Stone fruit: white peach, nectarine
  • Floral: Orange Blossom, Elderflower, Honeysuckle
  • Herbal: Acacia Leaf, Mint, Fennel
  • Other Aromas: Almond, Ginger, Honey, White Pepper

About the Perlé de Jean Wine

Perlé de Jean reflects a vibrancy inside and out. The wine is made from Pinot Grigio, a red grape that Van Loveren harvests at night to ensure its plump, fresh fruitiness is retained from vineyard to bottling. As far as ascertained, the wine was South Africa’s first perlé-styled Pinot Grigio rosé when it was released.

My Boozy Kitchen’s Wine Review:

As mentioned earlier this wine blew me away from packaging to glass. Taking one sip of this wine, I am immediately transported to a romantic setting… sitting on the beach, in some little Mediterranean seaside village, overlooking the sea, while the sun and sea kiss. This wine becomes both sunshine and romance in a bottle. Pairing the Perle de Jean up with the right food, like something… seafoodie you cannot ask for anything better.

I really do enjoy this wine, especially for those hot summers day. When I received a press drop from van Loveren to taste and review – I could not be more elated as I knew exactly what I was expecting. I really wanted to do something extra special with this bottle of wine.

The Perle de Jean is a beautiful crisp and refreshing rose wine which is best served chilled.

Looking at the colour, we have a gorgeous rose gold colour or salmon pink colour. You even see minuscule pearls of bubbles dancing their way up the glass.

On the nose, it is rather fine, with ripe and fresh red berries.

Ooooooooh but on the palate? First sip – is an embracing of summer kisses delivered on a feather-light bed of tiny pearl bubbles. Imagine elegant fresh raspberries, strawberries, fresh red currants, ripe melon with a gentle lemon undertones all doing the samba on your tongue.

Medium weight, crisp, with a good grip and fine extract, and a lingering persistence. Basically a pure expression of a summer sunset in the mouth!

My Food Suggestions:

Perlé de Jean is just perfect with prawns, whether they’re flame-grilled on a stick, marinated, spiced, curried, or served in pasta or smothered in paprika aioli.

If you are not a prawn or seafood lover, Perlé de Jean is also a great fit when served with chicken, summer salads, and vegetarian dishes.

Ok, just think a gorgeous watermelon salad with mint with toasted nuts and seeds, or do what I did – this wine screams sitting on an exotic beach in Spain. Now what is a traditional Spanish dish? That is right Paella. But now think a Paella inspired burger? Peppers, chorizo, prawns, chicken all served on a homemade roll!! Delicious…. Recipe to follow. Or maybe you may enjoy it with a Sticky Honey, Soy & Ginger Pork Chops?

Here are three downloadable prawn recipes for you to cook and to drink with your glass of Perle de Jean:

You’re Welcome! 🙂

Similar Wines?

So wines that I would recommend that are similar would be the Conradie Penhill Sweet Roseline, De Wet Pettilant Rosè, De Krans Red Muscato or the Jakkalsvlei La Perle. Keep in mind these are all Perle styled wines, but none of them are a Pinot Grigio.


Whether the sun is beating down and the cool water’s calling, or you chilling at home dreaming of being somewhere exotic…you know just one drink will do: Perlé de Jean!

Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio is available at Checkers, Makro, Food Lover’s Market and selected Spar and Tops@Spar stores. It sells for around R69.99.

Be sure to stay in touch with Van Loveren Family Vineyards for all the latest news. Follow on Facebook, Twitter @vanloverenwines, Pinterest and Instagram (van_loveren), or visit www.vanloveren.co.za

**Disclaimer: My Boozy Kitchen received this wine along with a recipe to make to pair with the Perlè de Jean. However, the review and thoughts are of my own opinion and thoughts. This is not a paid advert. Yes, I really did enjoy this wine and will buy it again. Images used are my own unless otherwise stated. Thank you for your support!

Image Credits:
Image: Pinot Grigio grapes – MonikaP from Pixabay
Image: Prawn Dish Sabine Felidae from Pixabay
Image: Sunset Beach Jonny Belvedere from Pixabay
Image: Dessert/Sea by Jonny Belvedere from Pi

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