Pastries that are naughty but oh so nice!

When you go to your go-to place for your morning fix. All you want to do is just buy a coffee and only a coffee. All you see, is freshly baked muffins, scones, croissants, danish pastries, mini cheesecakes and a selection of freshly baked bread, you can be assured, that you will walk out with just more than a cappuccino.


a fine selection of pastries

This is my every morning battle, and I would say 7 out of 10 times I fail, and with good reason. Not only does it look desirable with the eyes, I can assure you that it taste damn good.

A moment on the lips….. lifetime on the hips, but oh so worth it!

This little gem, is Fine Pastries. I can guarantee you they do more than just fine! Here you can get a selection of freshly baked breads, Panini’s, rolls, sweet and savoury baked goods. This family-owned bakery, started 11 years ago in Stellenbosch was one of the first artisan bakeries. Everything you will find at Fine Pastries is prepared by the hand and made with love and passion.

decadent chocolate cake - some of the wonderful items at fine pasteries

They also cater for weddings, baby showers, bridal/high tea’s parties. It is no wonder they had come out tops in “Die Burger’s National Milktart Competition”, in March 2006.


This milk tart pairs really well with a Chenin Blanc


Not only do they do just pastries, but they do meals of the day which changes each day.

Some of my favourites are:

Bobotie Pancake (sweet curry mince in a pancake topped with slightly cooked apples, cinnamon and raisins)

my bobotie pancake

Bacon, Chicken, Feta and Avo Salad is a lovely summer treat, and my hubbies favourite is toasted Chicken Mayo Sami – if you do go for a toastie make sure you ask for whole-wheat. 😉 It comes highly recommended.

Sausage Roll – you have not had a proper sausage roll until you have tasted theirs and on rear  occassions you can find yourself lucky in having a duck cherry pie. Oh my giddy aunt, that is delish!!

If you looking for an absolute treat, you will find them at Lower Dorp Street Bosman’s Crossing,  be sure to get there early as baked goods go fast and you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.

You will also find them at the Oude Libertas Slow Market every Saturday.

Hope to bump into you sometime soon!!

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