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Nuy Valley Festival: Experiencing a Secret Valley in a Unique Way

Nuy Valley Festival: Experiencing a Secret Valley in a Unique Way

Nuy Valley Feast

I was so privileged to attend the 10th Annual Nuy Valley Festival, held annually in May. It is celebrating the end of the harvest season!  When it comes to harvest season, wine farms are a hive of activity. Long hours, tractors trekking up and down from vineyard to cellar – pretty much, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into harvest. Everything else pretty much comes to a stand still. The Worcester region actually has one of the longest harvest seasons in the world. So when harvest finally comes to an end, it definitely calls for a huge celebration!

Every year the Nuy Valley unites and calls everyone to come and join in on the celebration. Nuy Valley festival is hosted by four award winning venues: Nuy Cellar, Willow Creek Olive Estate, Conradie Penhill Wines and Leipzig Winery. The Nuy Valley is situated on the R60 – 10KM out of Worcester going towards Robertson.

how to say nuy

As a person, I am not one for festivals, as much as I do enjoy my wines and wine farms, if I can avoid attending a wine festival I normally do. My many years of attending wine shows, has in a way, spoiled it for me. I don’t enjoy huge crowds to be bumped and knocked into, listening to boisterous student, people drinking themselves into a stupor and falling all over the place, the list can go on and on. For me, it is just an unpleasantness I don’t enjoy! Perhaps I am an “old lady”, and you know what? I am fine with that… would rather prefer to sit back, relax and soak up the moment kinda girl.  For this very reason, is why I totally fell in-love with the Nuy Valley Festival.

The Nuy Valley Festival is out in the countryside (away from all the hustle and bustle of city life) situated, in this gorgeous golden valley between majestic mountains and vineyards. The weather was absolutely perfect! Even though it was overcast, there was this enchanting autumn glow that gently radiated your skin. 


Trail Run @ Nuy Valley Festival
Look at this gorgeous view!

For the energetic the festival kicked started off, with a Trial Run through the valley. You could chose between a 7km or 14km run. Personally, just enjoyed watching the crazy people run through the vineyards. Why would anyone put themselves through that torture when you can kick your shoes off, let your hair down and just relax with a lovely glass of Sweet Rosaline.

Nuy Valley
Crazy People Running Through the Golden Autumn Vineyards!

Nuy Valley Festival is Family Focused:

This festival focuses on the family. There is something for everyone, from the young to the old. Heck, you can even bring your fur-babies along! Every venue has some form of activities for children, from jumping castles, paintball, tractor rides, face-painting and so much more. I do not have any children myself but did think: “WOW, what a brilliant strategy from the organisers!  Keep the kids busy while parents can just relax with a glass of fantastic wine, eating food that satisfies the taste buds, and listening to the live performing artist.”

Nuy Feast Express
Nuy Valley Express – Transporting you to 3 of the hosting venues. (Willow Creek Olive Estate, Conradie Penhill and Leipzig)

Live Entertainment at the Nuy Valley Festival:

This year I was introduced to the Coffee Snobs, Andre Swiegers, Vibrant Island, and Francois Louw. I am not really into Afrikaans music, but I did enjoyed the Coffee Snobs. I just loved their vibe and music. Vibrant Island also played some awesome vibes while we were relaxing at Conradie Penhill. Best thing is that they are local! I believe in supporting local.

Nuy Festival Coffee Snobs
My new favourite band – the Coffee Snobs

Amazing Food is Always Expected:

There was NO shortage of food! You had the options of traditional boerekos like oxtail potjie, rosterkoek, jaffels, and pancakes. Traditional German foods was on offer and I completely felt like an absolute Miss piggy trying to eat a this massive Bratwurst topped with Sauwerkraut. (See in the video) Oh, and did I mention Belgium Waffles? And to go down with the meal  not only wine, but excellent coffee (I so enjoyed my iced coffee), a gin bar, and a few craft beers.

Nuy Valley Festival Review
Great coffee
Nuy Feastval Coffee
My Iced Coffee
Nuy Festival food
No shortage of food

Award Winning Wines and Olives:

I don’t have to say much about these wines, one must come and taste for yourself.  The Nuy Valley is a Secret valley but not forgotten. This blog article will be far to long if I have to mention all the awards, the wine farms in this region has won. Here is a list of my personal recommendation of what I really enjoyed on that day:

Nuy Winery

Chenin Blanc 2018

This has to be the best Chenin Blanc I have tasted in such a long time! It is extremely fruity, rich in tropical notes. Tasting notes of this wine says it all – “Typical fruit salad flavours. Combination of peaches and guava framed by a lifting acidity and a crisp refreshing finish.” Watch this space, as I am sure this will be an award winning wine for the year to come!

Conradie Penhill

Sweet Roseline:

I am not a huge fan of sweet wine, but this is such a lovely easy drinking, any occasion wine. In fact, you can drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, it can be drunken at weddings and celebrations, heck if you finished washing the dishes, it is a good reason to celebrate with a glass of Sweet Rosaline! What makes this wine special is the blend – something which surprised me – Shiraz, Muscadel and Sauvignon Blanc – with a sparkle! Do I need to say more?

Pinotage Cabernet Sauvignon Blend:

What an impressive wine – this has to be one of my new favourites red blends! It has so much intense flavours. this too pairs so well with lamb shanks! Man I am now hungry… how can it be, just had supper like an hour ago? Can you say no to a wine that has the following flavour profiles:  “Sweet red berry nose with plummy notes and rich dark chocolate, adding complexity. Ripe and round entry with succulent fruit and a subtle tasty, mocha oak influence on the palate!”


Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier 2016

Personally you can never really go wrong with a SMV. “Three iconic cultivars that is beautifully balanced in taste and colour. A definitive spice coupled with smells of perfumed forest floor gives way to a mineral saltiness on the palate.” I am actually very sorry I didn’t get a bottle that day. Oh well, an excuse to go out that way again! Such a tough life! Sigh!!

Willow Creek Estate

Flavoured Olive Oils – I so had to contain myself, or else I would end up purchasing all the flavours. My goal is still to get one of each flavour. I don’t know why, but lately I am in love with Oranges, and the blood orange flavoured olive oil was my flavour of the day. I am still thinking of making a white chocolate torte with blood orange. Watch this space!

The Nuy Valley Feastival is not one of these huge budget festivals, but it has a charm, and warmly welcomed by the people in the valley. It is relaxed, family orientated and has a real rustic vibe. For R90 a person, I think it is money well spent! The Nuy Valley feast will definitely see me again next year, and hopefully it will see you too! 

A huge special shout out to Antsy Pants and Worcester Wine and Olive Route for allowing me to use their pictures. My phone got stolen not long after the Nuy Valley festival and somehow it didn’t back up 🙁 All my amazing photo’s taken after the festival is lost forever. Also a shout out to Jolly Good Notion for the stunning video they created.

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