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Mensa Wines – A Wine With a Story & a Slight Twist!

Mensa Wines – A Wine With a Story & a Slight Twist!

Now tell me, who does not enjoy a comfy chair, a good book and a glass of wine? The new Mensa wines are taking story-telling to a whole brand new level. It is digital innovation at its best!

Mensa is the sister range of Survivor and Balance wines all produced by Overhex International. The new Mensa wine range has to be my current favourite wines at the moment. Why? For three reasons:

Mensa wine equals love
My reasons for loving the newly released Mensa Wines

#1 – Mensa Wines is Easy Drinking:

There are days that you want a wine to sip, sit back and just relax without thinking to much. Just enjoy the moment be it… socialising with your friends around the fire, a girls night, or a pamper me day with a good book….

“It is an easy drinking, no thinking wine…” 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an easy drinking wine. It is not an insult to wine! You see wine friends, the Mensa Wine Range is perfectly balanced, doesn’t “tire out” your palate, and you don’t notice the alcohol as it is not over powering. The tannins in the Cabernet Sauvignon are smooth. Mensa Wines is just bursting with fruit forwardness and has a beautiful elegant mouth feel! 

The best thing about an easy drinking wine, is that it is not overly bold or tannic, so you can actually enjoy your food with the wine masking the flavours in your dish.

If you are not a red wine fan, trust me… the Mensa Cabernet Sauvignon will convert you. It converted two of my friends, who don’t enjoy red wine, asking for a REFILL!!! #HappyDance!! . Now how cool is that!! You know you have accomplished a big moment when you convert people over to the red side!

But tell me, how can you not enjoy this beauty? Just think… rich chocolate and blackberry bursting with a lingering aftertaste of oak spiciness! This wine pairs beautifully with a pan seared beef sirloin, or venison (recipe to follow soon) or even with a dark rich decadent chocolate brownie.

Mensa wine label
How awesome is this label?

Even if you still not convinced, don’t worry, Mensa Wines has you covered, as they have two white wines. A Chardonnay Pinot Noir and a Sauvignon Blanc. The Mensa Chardonnay Pinot Noir is totally my all new favourite! It has this gorgeous, gentle, very light touch of pink. The Mensa Chardonnay Pinot Noir is bursting with citrus aromas with a gorgeous red berry follow through on the palate.

Do you understand now, why I am in-love with this wine? This is the ideal lunch time wine, which will go so well with a mouth watering  Salmon salad.

You can never ever go wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc. Make no mistake, you will not be disappointed in the Mensa Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for those hot summer evenings. The Sauvignon Blanc has citrus and tropical notes with a lingering crisp aftertaste. Perfect for your Thai Green Curry, Shrimp Cocktail or a Nicoise Salad.

#2 Easy on My Pocket:

Not everyone can afford to buy that Two, Three or even Four Hundred Rand bottle of wine! I have learnt a very hard lesson, if you visit people you don’t take your most prized bottle of wine with. They give you the cheap plonk and keep your bottle of wine. Grrrr…. #AngryFace

Anyway… The best thing about Mensa is that it is under 100 bucks for a bottle of wine. Better yet, there is absolute no compromising on the quality of the wine. In fact it is a complete steal!!

This makes me smile 🙂 because it suits my pocket – I can afford to buy a few bottles and take it to my friends. I don’t mind sharing a bottle or two and if they end up keeping it, well…. Ummm… NO!! Sorry guys you will have to buy your own, and by the way you can get it at your nearest Checkers, purchase it online or visit Overhex Winery & Bistro.

#3 Mensa Wines – Innovation at its Best:

This is my ultimate favourite reason for loving the new Mensa Wines. I am a sucker for labels. Many times,  I will purchase a wine just because the label is pretty cool. Mensa will catch your attention with its one of a kind label.

Storytelling and books resonate strongly with this new wine range and are captured perfectly by the payoff line: Live a great story. The label features ‘every woman’ relaxing in the signature Mensa chair surrounded by books with a glass of wine and her trusty dog looking on.

If you love a good story and believe that life is an adventure made better by good wine – Mensa wines are tailor made just for you!


Just wait… there is more! Mensa is the first South African wine supported by an augmented reality (AR) app. When scanned using the Mensa Wine App on your smartphone (available both for Android and Apple), the Mensa label comes to life as a book to reveal her full story. How awesome is that!!

Mensa Wine App


Literally!! Mensa wines are sealed with the revolutionary Helix cork closure by Amorim. This allows you to twist open and reseal the wine by hand (no need for a cork opener), keeping it perfect for the next glass.

Mensa Innovated Pull – Twist – Pour Cap

All you need to do is pull – twist – pour and Voila your Mensa wine is ready to drink. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of cork and glass – quality and sustainability coupled with user-friendly, resealable convenience. #SCORE!!

“Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good book, a good bottle of wine, a good friend”  – Moliere

Book and Wine Pairing:

Mensa is the ultimate book club wine. You will love the thought provoking stories embedded in the Mensa range, from the intriguing name to the astute packaging, innovative AR app and easy twist closure. It is all designed to inspire you to live your own great story.  

“We owe it to each other to tell stories.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Each one of us has a worthwhile story to tell. Mensa celebrates this fact and invites you to share your story.  You can join in on the Mensa conversation by going onto their website for further details.

You see another mini twist, because who would have thought of pairing a book with wine. So in my case tonight, I think, I will pair… Mensa Chardonnay Pinot Noir with Ken Follet’s Eye of the Needle.

Mensa Wine book pairing
My Boozy Kitchens book and wine pairing – Ken Follet’s Eye of the Needle.

Both are my absolute favourite. Easy drinking, easy reading. The blue chair matches the hint of blue in the cover. Most importantly they both have a twist. Both are master story tellers. 🙂

Enjoy a glass or two while tucking into a good book or share them with friends at your next “book” club get-together.

For more information about Mensa, visit www.mensawines.com and follow MensaWine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do not forget to get the  Mensa Wine App the app store on your smartphone.

Happy reading! 🙂 xxx

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