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Kick Start 2019 Off With  Almost Zero!

Kick Start 2019 Off With Almost Zero!

And BOOM!! Just like that… 2019 has arrived! Like every year millions of people will be making new year resolutions. Personally, I don’t make them. I never keep them anyway. Generally, I take each day as it comes, and if I failed in something, then I try again tomorrow. Simple!! Life is just too stressful and short, with the added pressure on yourself to reach certain goals and when you fail… you get feelings of self worthlessness, depressed and guilty. I prefer to focus on the present as it keeps me more grounded. The future is unknown, full of endless possibilities which may cause anxieties. Well, that is MY philosophy in life so please don’t quote me on it.

However many people do choose to make them and most choose to be more healthier, signing up to a gym membership, drink less, getting out of debt, traveling, more family time etc…etc…

If you are opting a healthier lifestyle, it normally means cutting out the booze. If you a wine lover like myself, that produces a huge challenge and massive sacrifice. But does it? Perhaps… Perhaps not!

An Almost Zero Percent Wine?

almost zero % wine

You see my dear boozy friends – Van Loveren has just recently launched a delicious everyday drink that contains virtually no alcohol and much lower in kilojoules. It is called Almost Zero, a wonderful and delicious Sauvignon Blanc that has been de-alcoholised.

This exciting beverage is made from top handpicked grapes, that has been transformed into a vibrant wine of the best quality. Then it has been de-alcholised by using the latest advanced technology in the wine industry.

Almost Zero is crisp, tasty and contains less than 0.5% alcohol. The same as the alcohol-free beers that is on the market. Added Bonus, it has 75% less kilojoules than a normal glass of wine. Now I can enjoy my wine in peace and without the guilt when have to hear hubby telling me that I should not complain about not fitting into those summer shorts. Apparently, they say wine makes you pick up weight, but who listens to such negativity any way.

The perfect beverage to go with your healthy lifestyle program. Less than 0.5% alcohol and 75% less kilojoules than your normal glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 

The Result?

You have this amazing soft tropical and well balanced drink for any occasion where you can’t have alcohol.

On the palate, Almost Zero’s bracing kiss reveals flavours of apple, litchi and a little citrus. It can steal the show being enjoyed on its own on a hot summers day or alongside any summer fare like seafood and salads. Almost Zero is always at its best when served chilled.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. I have had light wines before and not much of a fan. What I liked about it, was that it was refreshing, slightly tangy and very fruity. What I didn’t enjoy, which is totally a matter of personal taste was the bread-like complexity. I am just overly sensitive to that particular taste – hence me not being a Rose fan either. But in general, my overall impression of this alternative wine is that it is much better than I expected it to be. Considering the fact, it is practically has zero percent alcohol! If I have to be in a situation were I don’t want alcohol, this would be my first and foremost choice.

Almost Zero - New Years Resolution

The Question Everyone is Burning to Ask…But Why?

You might ask, why? Is de-alcoholised wine just not grape juice? Well, not exactly. All wine starts as being grape juice until the fermentation process takes place. So it is still wine, just without the alcohol.

There seems to be a movement taking place, where the younger generation is choosing to drink less and are abstaining more and more from alcohol. (It is OK, it just means there is more for us considering there is a world wide wine shortage) One of the main reason is because narcissism is more their drug. I mean who really wants to wake up with a selfie while having hangover vs. a selfie working out at the gym. 🙂 ?? Brands have seen this trend and are taking the non-drinkers quiet seriously. We are seeing more and more non-alcoholic beverages being launch.

Having said that, this is not the only reason why people choose not to drink. There are many occasions when you may want to enjoy the taste or the benefits of a fine wine but do not want the alcohol effect. You might have drawn the unlucky lot and called the designated driver. There are also many who choose not to drink alcohol, because of health, religious, or any other personal reasons. If someone does say they don’t drink, just LEAVE it at that. Don’t ask them why and don’t try to push them in having a drink. Respect their wishes and life style choices!

What ever your reason’s for not drinking alcohol , you can now, enjoy a glass of vino, literally to your heart’s content and without the worry. Almost Zero is definitely the healthier summer option this summer.

For more information about Almost Zero, or to place your order and have it delivered to your door, contact Annaliza at the Van Loveren Wine Club on email winehub@vanloveren.co.za or tel 023 615 1505.

The wine sells for R65 and will soon be available in retail stores countrywide.

You can help spread the word. Tell others about #VanLoverenWines #DrinkAlmostZero and tag us on Facebook and Twitter @VanLoverenWines, and Instagram @van_loveren.

Almost Free Mocktail

  • 450ml Almost Zero,
  • 2 apples,
  • 32 cubes of ice,
  • mint-leaves to taste
  • 5cm piece of ginger.

Blend everything together in a smoothy maker – pour in a cocktail glass with a garnish of a mint leaf or two.

Will serve 5 people.

Now any wine drinker might be thinking  – Why would anything that stands for wine, the heck would  a wine farm decide to make a de-alcoholised wine?

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