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Indlovu Gin Takes Gold In New York | PR News |

Indlovu Gin Takes Gold In New York | PR News |

What began as a dream and transformed into reality, has become a worldwide sensation. Indlovu Gin. (Indlovu means elephant in several African languages.) Appealing not only to gin enthusiasts, but also giving back to elephant conservation.  Handcrafted, distilled gin, made from elephant dung!

Indlovu Gin has not only caught the attention of international media—appearing on CNN, Fox News and BBC Radio, amongst others—it has also captured the imagination of the international gin community with exports to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Scandinavia.

The flagship gin, Indlovu Original Gin, has recently been the recipient of an international Gold award at the prestigious New York 50 Best Gin Awards, in addition to the Double Gold it received at the local South African Craft Gin awards.

Indlovu Original

indlovu gin bottle with two glasses of gin, garnish and ice

Is a premium gin for the adventurous spirit and the discerning gin collector. It offers smooth texture with complex with earthy flavours. Perfect to enjoy both neat on ice, and as part of a cocktail.

This uniquely African gin—with infused botanicals that are selectively foraged by wild elephants—provides a memorable sipping experience for any gin connoisseur,

During the Covid lockdowns the Indlovu ‘herd’ grew to include the Indlovu Pink and Indlovu Citrus.

Indlovu Pink

indlovu pink gin made with prickly pear and vanilla with a pincushion protea in the back ground

Derived from a bush delicacy of the gentle African giants of the savannah, the prickly pear cactus. This fruity gin with delicate flavours was awarded Gold at the 2020 South African Craft Gin Awards. Indulge in the flavours of the African elephants’ savannah delicacy.

Indlovu Citrus

lady mixing indlovu citrus gin

The tangy orange citrus and tropical marula fruits that are infused into the gin are captured in its colour and aroma. These fruits are favourites with the African elephant and their addition to a gin has resulted in Indlovu Citrus receiving a Double Gold at the 2021 South African Craft Gin Awards. Testament to the elephants’ impeccable palate.

Indlovu Gin

Supports wildlife conservation with 15% of the profits donated to HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development Trust) to support their work in setting up and running South Africa’s first elephant orphanage. A virtuous circle where the elephants provide the ingredients for the gin which in turn supports their conservation through giving back.

african hand holding indlovu original gin infront of an elephant

For inspiration on pouring the perfect cocktails to compliment these unique gins visit www.ibhu.co.za.

Available throughout South Africa, Indlovu gins retail for less than R500 per bottle. For the complete list of leading local and international retailers visit https://ibhu.co.za/stockists/.

Indlovu Gin. Made in Africa … designed by elephants.

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