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How to Start A Container Boozy Garden?

How to Start A Container Boozy Garden?

Today I hope to get you a little inspired to start your own container boozy garden. Builders warehouse has started a #LetsGardenSA campaign which I was delighted to be part of. The goal is to show people that starting a garden doesn’t take rocket science. Just a little guidance in the right direction and a little inspiration is all you need. So let get straight to business!

Starting a Container Boozy Garden, Takes Planning!

Before you start anything else – you must have a plan in action. All the gardening TV Shows I have watched has one thing in common – PLANNING!

It takes planning to start a boozy container garden

So you must sit down and ask yourself, what do you want to achieve? What is my final goal? Do I want to do a culinary/boozy garden? Do you I to have a wonderful selection of delicious herbs adding flavour to cooking and having your own garnishes for your boozy drinks?

a herb garnish picked from your boozy container garden straight to your glass.
Adding fresh herbs to either a gin or even sparkling water really adds to flavor along with a few extra health benefits. Example Thyme can have up to 9 health benefits which includes lowering blood pressure, boosts the immune and a good antibacterial, just to name a few!

Or do you want to have a selection of herbs medicinal herbs? Herbs where I can make my own relaxing bath salts or my own essential oils. Yes it is true that all herbs have medicinal purposes, however some are more concentrated than others. Just be caution in what herbs to use for medicinal purposes some herbs can have really bad side effects especially if pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure and so one.

Yes you can have both culinary and medicinal herb garden, however if you are a beginner or a plant mass murderer like myself it is easier to start with one, build your confidence, and then take it from there.

#LetsGardenSA: So my plan is to create a culinary boozy garden. I would love to have a lovely selection of herbs for both cooking and having garnishes for my boozy drinks.

Selecting your Boozy Garden Site!

Next step – is choosing your site! Like me, if you chose to have a culinary/boozy garden, then ideally you want to have near your kitchen. You don’t want to walk to far either in the pouring rain or at night when you quickly need to quick snip of fresh herbs.

Selecting your site for your boozy container garden

Having it located so you can see it, is not only pleasing for the eyes, but seeing your herbs serves as a reminder: water. You know the saying out of sight, out of mind… in this case out of sight … dead herbs!!

And talking about watering, you also want to make sure your water source is nearby. You don’t want to walk up and down 50 times with a watering can giving your herbs water.

Taking a little extra time in finding the right spot for your herbs will help you in having the best producing and user friendly herb garden. Work smarter and not harder!

#LetsGardenSA: I have selected mine in the courtyard at the back of my kitchen. Stepping out of the kitchen to the boozy container garden is as easy as lemon squeezy. There is a good balance of both sun and shade, protection from the wind, and my tap is just around the corner, watering will not be an issue…

The Fun Part: Designing your Boozy Herb Garden

Part of your planning before planting your boozy container garden, you need to decide on how you want to have it designed. This is the most fun part and it is here where you can show off your creativity.

Do you want your garden to be formal with straight lines, geometric shapes and a focusing central point?

Or are you going to make your garden informal with flowing lines and curved bends?

What sort of theme are you going to work with? There are dozens of different types of themes you can work on and inspire you.

#LetsGardenSA: As my chosen space is all paved, I have no choice but to have a container boozy garden. This is actually the easiest way for a newbie or plant mass murder like me to get started with making a garden.

The fact that my budget is limited when it comes to gardening, I will opt for a rustic informal container styled garden. Finding items that are “no longer useful” will work so well in my design.

vintage car used as a boozy container garden

I can all ready think of all of the interesting different types of pots or containers I can use for my space. You can find containers at a variety of places, including farmer’s markets, antique stores, and garage sales, scrap metal yards, these are just to name a few. Just always make sure whatever container you are using there is always enough drainage.

you can use a great selection of pots they don't even need to match for your boozy container garden

Best yet you don’t have to use matching pots or containers but go crazy and mix and match for a quaint aesthetic. Tons of low-cost herb garden designs that can be implemented with used or upcycled containers, just use your imagination and let your creativity flow!!

Next Step: Planting your herbs in Pots/Containers

Right we have now established our goal, we found our spot and we have design, and our containers it is time now to get planting.

Look how easy it is to get started…

Step 1 – Get to Builders for all your garden materials:

Get your gardening materials together your herbs, your tools and your soil for your boozy container garden
  • If an absolute beginner like me get the following items:
  • Gloves and garden hand tools like a cultivar, transplanter, trowel, fork, clippers
  • Seedlings (don’t try growing from seed if you a beginner, rather opt for starter plants for your herbs. This will save you time and a far better success rate of an increased harvest.)
  • Quality organic potting mix
  • A medium to lighten the soil, as well as adding some vermiculite and bone meal…
  • Add small stones for the bottom of the herb pots;
  • Containers with enough space to allow you herbs to grow and the roots to not become cramped. Any plant doesn’t like to be root bound.

Step 2 – Start planting your boozy garden in containers

getting the soil  and pot ready for planting herbs for your boozy container garden
  • Add stones to the bottom of your container
  • Mix the vermiculite, potting soil, and bone meal and start to fill the container, leaving some space for the seedlings,
  • Add seedling to the pot, pressing the soil lightly to prevent air pockets.
  • Water well and place in a light, sunny spot or preferred location.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t overwater, it is best that you wait until the top surface is dry or stick your index finger in the soil (2.5cm) and if wet rather wait before re-watering.

If you notice your plants are bending to one side, turn the plants so they get even sunlight.

A good organic fertilizer or my favourite seaweed mixture added to the water improves the nutrients to your herbs.

Snip and snip away! Herbs are made to be used. The more you use the more you will get. So don’t be shy to use! If you notice flowering buds appear, nip them off, especially to your annuals like basil, coriander and dill will make the plant last longer. You can always use the buds in your salads. 🙂

If winters are harsh (prone for frost), protect the pots from severe cold by wrapping them in bubblewrap, hessian or burlap, stuffed with scrunched-up newspaper or straw. This will help prevent the roots from freezing solid.

Benefits of a boozy container herb garden

  1. You can create as many herbs as you like and pass them off as gifts.
  2. If you are a not a boozy person, well create “clusters” of herbs of like planting herbs that goes on pizza and pasta, or Italian mixed herbs, herbs for chicken, or herbes de Provence.
  3. You can use almost anything for an herb container as long as it has good drainage.
  4. As most herbs don’t have large root systems, so you can get away with smaller containers.
  5. The best thing for any beginner or mass plant murder is that container herbs has minimal maintenance. You don’t have the problem of weeds and bad bugs getting into herbs.
  6. The freedom to mix and match your herbs as much as you like. Just keep in mind of keeping herbs like rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil in more fuller and drier soil while herbs like chives, parsley, marjoram like more shadier and wetter conditions.
  7. The added bonus of a container herb garden is that you can have it anywhere, on a window sill inside your home, on a porch, balcony – having a container herb garden is so easy and convenient. Even better if you have to move you can take your herbs along with you!

And you know what makes having a container herb garden so wonderful? If it dies, well go and buy another and replace it. That simple! Container herbs are far more easier to replace and you want to know a little secret… no one will have to know… You can let everyone believe you have the greenest of green fingers. But that is our little secret! 😉

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay
Planning Image by rawpixel from Pixabay
Vintage Car Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay
Colour Pots Image by rihaij from Pixabay
Planting In Pot Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay
Monarch Butterfly Image by chrismacdesign from Pixabay
All Other Images are by My Boozy Kitchen

**Disclaimer – Builders sponsored a voucher to purchase the items required for the #LetsGardenSA Campaign

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      It's funny that your post should come up today. I saw a thing recently where you use old milk bottles to make a herb garden. I've kinda been thinking of doing that, but also turning the milk bottles into miniature wicking beds. The milk bottle containers are small so I'm worried that in summer in the Swartland sun they'll dry out too quickly even if I water it every day. Because that's what happened to the white lavender you gave me, boooo hoooo! :-(

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