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Gin Review: L-Gin – Inspired By Elgin, Made in Elgin

Gin Review: L-Gin – Inspired By Elgin, Made in Elgin

I had the most wonderful opportunity of spending a glorious afternoon with the three ladies behind the brand of L-Gin. And what an absolute blast I had. These phenomenal ladies has me rolling on the floor with laughter. I promise we had not even started with the gin tasting!

So What is L-Gin?

Well basically L-Gin is a range of handcrafted gins, who celebrates all the glorious and delicious fruit found in the luscious Elgin valley. Yes you guessed it… made in Elgin!

L-Gin a Celebration of Friendship!

You see my boozy gin loving darlings; in about July 2018 three best friends (Sue, Isabel and Ann) who well living in Elgin and like yourselves are also gin loving fanatics, was inspired to make small batches of craft gin, using all the mouthwatering fruit that grows within the Elgin valley.

the three ladies behind the L-Gin Brand
The three gorgeous ladies behind the brand of L-Gin

Three years prior to starting L-Gin as a commercial distillery , the three gorgeous ladies played around with recipes and ideas using a 4 L copper potstil. With the guidance from Roger Jorgensen, also known as the Godfather of gin in SA. He patiently spent many hours with L-Gin directing their distillation process and advising them on every step of the way.

Isabel says: “It is an amazing experience entering the craft gin industry and are overwhelmed by the warmth, advice, and honesty from many great local craft gin distillers”

Local is Lekker!

Do you want to know what is even more awesome about L-Gin? Most of all the key ingredients for the distillation of gin is all growing and sourced from the Elgin valley. That includes the juniper berries, which is all growing on an apple farm. What about the water? Collected from a natural spring in Elgin. Spring water is always good. Well can you imagine.. gin being distilled using municipal water? 🤢🤢Ummmm Nah!

Locally grown juniper berries in Elgin

Locally grown juniper berries!

This is absolutely fantastic as this goes with My Boozy Kitchen’s ethos of supporting local and small businesses. Supporting the local community not only boosts the local economy, but impacts the environment as there is a smaller carbon foot print, and better traceability.

L-Gin is Anti-a(GIN)g

Did you know…? The antioxidants found in juniper, blueberries, apples, all have cell repairing agents.

Never before has drinking gin been more anti-aGINg.


Is this not a great reason to be sipping gin more often?

Blood, Sweat and Love

Firstly, before I make you drooling for a glass of gin we need to understand a few important things so you can appreciate each sip.

First and foremost all the work is done by Sue, Isabel and Ann and EVERYTHING is by hand. This is from picking fruit, preparation and distillation process, as well as bottling and labeling.

Don’t you just appreciate artisanal products? The blood, sweat, tears but mostly love that goes into each and every bottle for you to sip and enjoy.

Not only does L-Gin use FRESH locally grown juniper berries, which by the way is all harvested by a team of local women. Each of the 4 gins have their own botanicals giving each and every gin a distinct flavour profile.

L-Gin starts preparation with fresh fruit a week before the actual distillation process. A typical distillation day will start at about 05H00, using A 200 litre pot the day will end at 18H00. Thankfully by using gas as their choice of heat “Esk(d)om” cannot interfere with their process. Lots of coffee in between the process of collecting, tasting, smelling and judging the distillate, this keeps the gals going until the end of the distillation process.

The L-Gin Range

L-gin plush, lush and crush

The L-Gin Range consists of 4 different types of Gin:

  • Lush
  • Crush
  • Plush
  • On the Go

L-Gin Lush is Luscious

As we all know Elgin is apple country… so makes totally sense, their 1st gin is distilled with apples.

L-Gin Lush Apple gin
L-Gin Lush Distilled with Granny Smith Apples

Through trial and error, as is with your first born child – L-Gin struggled to get the right flavours. Just think so many apples too choose from – getting the right one with the right balance is tricky. In the end the old Grannysmith Apple is the apple of choice.

The Lush gin consists of:

  • Elgin Granny Smith apples;
  • Elgin juniper;
  • Elgin lemons,
  • fresh ginger, coriander and angelica root.

I have to say that this one is my favourite. I love how the freshness of the apple comes through. So many different ways you can jazz it up. Just think a lovely slice of apple, sprig of lemon thyme, and a slice of GINger or you can go crazy and choose a selection of either: mint, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and other fruits. The perfect summer gin! GINtastic!

Lush gin received a Double Gold award in the recent 2020 Michelangelo Awards.

Price: R380

Its just a little CRUSH

Obviously with all the scrumptious fruits available in Elgin you can’t expect the ladies to stick to just making one gin. So Crush, another award winning gin was born. Again distilled using:

  • Elgin Juniper berries;
  • Elgin Blueberries;
  • Elgin Lemons;
  • Salvia (family member of sage)
  • African Striped Pepper, Coriander and Angelica Root

L-Gin Blueberry Infused Gin
Blueberry infused Gin!

This is another fantastic gin to sip on a very hot summers day. I really enjoyed this one. Who doesn’t love blueberries. Totally loved how the blueberries was subtle but still coming through but yet an interesting zing from the African pepper. Enjoy this garnished with fresh blueberries and mint basil for a slight twist. Received a gold at this years 2020 Michelangelo Awards.

Price: R380

The Sumptuous Plush

Inspired by the abundance of golden oak trees that line the many farm roads in Autumn; the Sumptuous Plush was born. The L-Gin Plush comes with a slight twist – one that I really enjoyed and was utterly surprised at this kind of styled Gin. Let’s just say it is NOT your average gin.

L-Gin Plush - Oak MaturedGine
L-Gin Plush – Oak Matured Gin (Look at the colour!)

Think cooler autumn evenings or even freezing cold winter nights you can enjoy a lovely neat gin on ice sitting all cozy by the fire. It is L-Gin contemporary gin made again with locally grown juniper, citrus, coriander and angelica root.

After distillation here comes the twist. The Gin is matured in OAK which creates a gorgeously smooth gin. Here you get earthy notes of caramel, but not loosing the typical juniper flavours. The oak gives the gin a hint of sweetness. Its like sipping on a 3 year old whisky but ending off in a gin.

I just LOVE it!! Totally can see why the L-Gin Plush won the Michelangelo Gin Trophy 2020 for the best gin.

Serve this with a sliver of grapefruit zest and rosemary. Alternatively I think an “Elgin Mule” will be an interesting twist to the original classic. Yummilicious!! 🤗🤩

Price: R380.00

Gin on Tap!

To keep LGins spirits high (excuse the pun), during the most difficult time of 2020 the horrid booze ban during lockdown, the three ladies spent their time experimenting with a new recipe and a new concept.

This… my gin friends, is how the L-Gin- On-The-Go was born and happily launched it once the prohibition ended.

Lgin gin on top
Gin on tap anyone?

It is a classic gin with an Elgin “twist”. It comes in a more economical smaller tube with a twisting tap which pops out.

On-The-Go is distilled with:

  • Elgin juniper;
  • Elgin Lemongrass;
  • Elgin lemons and;
  • Fresh ginger, coriander & angelica root. 

Guys please note this is NOT a pre-mix, it is pure craft gin and you still need to add tonic if that is your preference.

Sipping Gin my boozy friends has never before been more convenient. This ideal for smaller groups, picnics, camping and concerts (when we can), for when you are “on-the-go”.

You can now see why L-Gin- On-The-Go received the 2020 Michelangelo Wine & Spirits Trophy for The Most Innovative Alternate packaging.

I am thinking this served with ice, slice of lime, fresh coriander leaves, a slice of ginger and a chili will give this gin a refreshing summery kick!

Price: R280

L-GIN is also available for purchase from these distributors:

Elgin Railway Market, Liquor City Claremont, Liquor City Somerset West, City Cellar Joostenbergvlakte, Tops Wine Stellenbosch, Hermanus Wine Village

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