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FUNCorked: Uncorking More Than Just Wine

FUNCorked: Uncorking More Than Just Wine

Jislaaiktjie mense, maar die tyd vlieg!! Like seriously! Just can’t seem to keep up anymore. I had a mini disagreement with my sister the other day, because she utterly believes that we went to last years Funcorked Event at the beginning of this year. Guys can you believe it…? It was exactly ONE YEAR AGO!! Heck, we are end September!! You wish for time to go fast, and now that it’s zooming, all we want is for it to slow down just a tad bit. Satisfying us humans is an impossible mission!

Anyway… moving on… Last year you may recall that we went to the Franschhoek Uncorked Event? Well this year, determined to visit the farms we didn’t get to go the previous year. Last year we visited:

Wait… what was that only four? 🤔Let me quickly check… Yup! That was the four!

This year much better prepared, and it is no thanks to the new amazing app FUNCorked is currently using!

Flock: Franschhoek Uncorked App

Everything you need is at your finger tips without looking for it on the web. Festival program, new released wines, even the valley map. If in doubt you open the app! Not sure where to go next, or what wine you feel like? No worries, just go to the app! Decide to stay the night? Need a shuttle? Yes that is right… Just go straight to the App. It is that Simple!

I am all for having fun and tasting, but remember to drink responsibly. Never be over the limit and drive. And if you are under 18 well tough love, you must just wait until you are at the right age to drink.

Getting Around

This year the entire event in it self felt more organised. Not sure if the Tuk Tuk was a featured last year, if so, I had no idea. If this year is the first time this service is in use – WELL DONE TEAM!!

All you need to do is purchase a day pass, park your car and every 15 min a Tuk Tuk will come around. So you can hop on – hop off and don’t have to worry about parking, driving through awkward drive ways and stressing of bumping cars or pedestrians, or attempting to do the dreadful parallel!

Tuck Tuck all the way – Now you can hop on hop off

Even better get a designated driver to drop you off, do the hop on – hop off (kinda lover🎶🎵) and get them to collect you once you done! That Simple! Now you can enjoy the event without the stress of only having tiny sips or being over the limit. 😀 That is my plan for next year! Pulling the short straw this year, I was designated driver. 😭😭

FUNcorked Stop #1: The Black Elephant Vintners

So last year, badly wanting to go to the Black Elephant Vintners, the time we got to their venue it was CRAZY MAD! No parking, the place was jammed packed and in the end… we gave it a skip!

This year however it was our first stop. Figured the best way to kick start the uncorking of Franschhoek would be to have some cake 🙂 We love cake! Don’t we!! It was a huge mistake! But a good one! You see friends, this team had set the bar so high we could not help but to keep comparing our experiences back to the Black Elephant Vintners.

Raymond Ndlovu – The Elephant

The entire team was super fantastic! Behind the counters serving you wine, is the 3 biggest rebels of The Elephant Vintners. You can pick up their passion they have for the wine, their love for being rebels and no worries about rocking the boat almost immediately. Their winemaking styles, the presentation of the labels, the presenting of the wines everything is just different. I would say the Black Elephant Vintners are unpretentious. What you see is exactly what you get. I LOVE it!

You will find none of this hoity toity, yada yada at the Black Elephant Vintners! Instead they prefer to rock, shake and cause a stir within the wine industry. You can pretty much say… they are the black sheep or rebels in the wine family!

Uncorking the Black Elephant Vintners one by one:

On arrival, given strict instructions to break the rules! How awesome! Rebels at heart! So I decided, while too heck with everything else, and yes, I will most likely get totally hammered for this, but I started, with the reds first!! Gasp of Horror!!

My first wine for the day is The Back Roads Petit Sirah 2017, paired with Red Velvet Cupcakes and it was delicious. I definitely picked up a lot of spice and chocolate in the wine, which matched the cupcake.

Black Elephant Vintners Black Roads Petite Sirah paired with a red velvet cupcake

On to the next tasting! OH… MY…. BOOOOM!! mind – BLOWN!!🤯 I must still go back to pick up the pieces. The next wine: Three Men! A Pinotage. The Pairing? Melktert!! The label? A cartoonist drawing of three men in a tub with a yellow rubber duck. How awesome!!

Never ever in a million years would I have even given a second thought that a Pinotage will pair so deliciously with a melktert. But it does!

Moving on – the next wine: Rebel Rosé !

This is their new release for the Franschhoek Uncorked and yes rules broken in the making of this beauty. First sip, another shocker… no floral, hints of turkish delights, stawberries, sweet notes of whatever is the typical profile of a Rosé .

This first thing I taste? Instantly Pepper. Gorgeous! The pairing? A meringue of pink peppercorn (folks, I tasted the wine before I tasted the meringue and it wasn’t the meringue) PS BEV: your secret is safe with me. 😏

Timothy White…

Is a Chenin Blanc 35%; Sauv Blanc 33%; Semillon 24%; Viognier 8% blend. Another great wine from the Black Elephant Vintners and it pairs great with the eclairs. Actually the wine brings out the buttery and creaminess of the eclairs leaving a long lingering finish.

Another one you should add to your white wine collection. Oh and FYI – your music pairing on your website is perfect. Flip I hadn’t heard that tune in years!! Bringing many memories.

Another Great Sauvignon Blanc: Two Dogs, Peacock and a Horse!

Once again Guys, the rules are smashed. What I thoroughly enjoyed in this wine is the fruitiness coming forth. I got tropical flavours coming all through on the palate. No green peppers and all the typical green notes that comes with Sauvignon Blanc. Again another brilliant wine adding to my Sauvignon Blanc collection. Oh yes, and by the way it pairs deliciously with lemon meringue. Yum!

The Honey Thief

The perfect after dinner wine with a few selected cheese and preserves. Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc that is left to ferment on the vines before it gets harvest.

It has a gorgeous rich golden colour the wine brags aromas of fresh peach and dried apricot, overlaid with a tropical lushness of ripe melon and pineapple. The palate is ripe with sweetness notes of granadilla and gooseberry but yet tangy, with sweet and sour flavours like baked apples, clove spice, and marmalade on the finish. Not overly or sickly sweet, I love the tang!

Then finally had a taste of your MCC paired with CARROT CAKE!! Wow what a combination!! Still trying to find my converter of MCC, sadly this was not it. It is not you, it is totally me. MCC is a REAL struggle for me! Love you label though!

The black elephant vintners offering a MCC with a carrot cake pairing at the Funcorked
Carrot cake and MCC!

If you really loved one of the pairings you can just go and buy your favourite cake and a bottle of wine, and just chill for the day. For the next FUNCorked make sure you add the Black Elephant Vintners to your list of visiting venues.

cake at the funcorked - a pile of chocolate brownies and pasti de nata
The most delicious, moist, rich, chewy brownies ever!

Guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Thank you Black Elephant Vintners for making our visit a FUNcorked one! As Arnie says, I’ll be back!

FUNcorked Stop #2 – Boekenhoutskloof

On the exact opposite of the Black Elephant Vintners is Boekenhoutskloof. This wine estate is beautiful! Absolutely Stunning. You look upon gorgeous mountains, overlooking vineyards, trees and blooming flowers. Sadly though, our stay was not more than 15 minutes. Personally for me, the entire experience had felt a little like an anticlimax, perhaps still on a sugar high from the Black Elephant Vintners.

The entertainment space was small and crowded. All the seating available was taken. Most of the farm was blocked off and it is a pity as I have never been to Boekenhoutskloof. I guess they don’t want “dronkies” wondering all over the place. However it would have been nice to sit under the big old trees, enjoying the breeze while listening to the good vibes.

The general atmosphere felt a little stiff and didn’t have this: “lets just sit and chill here for the day” kinda feeling. The impression I got was here is your tasting, drink up and now please move on… I would have loved to have had the opportunity to taste more of their wine.

Personally for me I felt it it was just not exciting enough! I am really sorry and do hope I don’t sound too negative, but it had the feeling of something was missing. Can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps more bean bags around so people can enjoy the outside atmosphere under the trees??? This is just my personal impression others may experienced it completely differently. Having said that, I would still love to visit the estate on a non festival day as it is so beautiful and experiencing the venue on a more personal level.

Anyway, we did manage to get some good coffee… 😊 to take home!

FUNcorked Stop 3: La Bourgogne

La Bourgogne Farm at Funcorked 2019

What a fantastic stop to add to our FUNCorked event. Firstly on arriving you are warmly welcomed by the most friendliest and happiest staff members. Eagerly in pouring you a tasting of their GML Viognier which I just loooooove! This one is crisp with a fruitiness which is bursting with pineapples and apricots. Delicious.

The next thing your eye catches is the farmshop with so many tasty foods to purchase, olives, wine infused chocolates, wine infused salts, jams, relishes, and olive oils. Everything totally up My Boozy Kitchen’s Alley and be prepared to have your bank account broken. You will want to purchase EVERYTHING!!

Going outside is beautiful, trees, river, and music. Delicious foods on offer including a bobotie burger – and got to taste some PLONKA which is a Romanian type of Grappa or Mampoer! I had a tasting, literary a tasting! Petrified of finnishing what is left in my glass, I accidentally on purpose spilt mine in the nearby bushes. Nothing personal, but being designated driver I have a responsibility to my passenger as well as other road users. WARNING: That stuff is P.O.T.E.N.T!! Five minutes later and my chest and tummy was still on fire and still struggling to get my breath back.YOH!!

There was a lovely friendly vibe, families enjoying the country air while the kiddies play in the play area. Our tummies grumbling and the sound of Wagu, the time is calling to move on…

FUNcorked Stop 4: Holden Manz Wine Estate

Going through the FUNCorked event programe, screaming for my attention is the events taking place as Holden Manz. Well basically ONE word OK maybe TWO… Oysters and Wagyu!!!

At the last years Cap Classique Festival was my first time on eating a Wagyu and since then my mouth has been watering for more.

What is the big hype on Wagyu?

As a foodie lover you have to live and of course splurge a little. In this case, if an opportunity presents itself – You grab it without thinking twice. Even if it means no wine and eating mielie pap for the rest of the month you go for it. Ok Mielie pap I can do – no win??!! I don’t think so. Anyway all I am trying to say is give Wagyu a try. This meat literally melts in your mouth. It is so delicious and juicy, succulent and tender and…. the words are gone. Roumers and myths that the cows are massaged, get fed the best grains and grass, and even given beer. Guys just take my word it is worth the price and every bite!!

Lunch menu items written on a black board
Just a few delicious options you can enjoy at Holden Manz
Wagyu Burger at Funcork in Franschhoek
Melt in your mouth, juicy and yummilicous Wagyu Burger!

This burger is delicious and still dreaming of more!! FYI the wine is good two. Just so you know their 2019 Rosé wine is modeled on the famous Provençal rosés which are gracing the beaches of St Tropez at the moment. #JustSaying! After enjoying some excellent vibes from Superstar jazz supremo Neo it was time to move on

Funcorked Stop 5: Topiary Wines Hey Joe Brewing Co.

On our way driving to Topiary Wines I suddenly slammed on breaks and made a screeching left turn to Hey Joe Brewing Co. I love a sudden unexpected detour. We were not disappointed. The vibe was insane. The music was going, people dancing – I swear it was Dr Victor behind the mike!! Enjoying a glass of their much anticipated Barrel-Aged Blonde, let me tell you… it is GOOOOOOD!!!

Hey Joe Brewing Co. Barrel-Aged Blonde has a classic golden appearance, strong peach and apricot notes on the nose followed by a full-bodied yet easy drinking mouthfeel. Just so you know this is aged for 8 months in french oak barrels!!! You better make your way soon… it is limited for very short time only.

Feeling a little peckish we decided to dive into some snacks and received this massive portion of chips which has the tasty homemade creamy and garlic mayo!!! Perfect with an ice cold beer!

FUNCorked Stop #6: Topiary Wines

As our day at FUNCorked draws to an end our last stop was at Topiary wines. It was a brief one as the day was coming to a sad end. Reason for my stopping at Topiary Wines is wanting to taste the “Burgandy Styled” Chardonnay. The Chardonnay was good, perhaps a little too acidic for my personal liking. Good citrus flavours coming through. Not a major favourite of mine unfortunately. I prefer the more creamy buttery, butterscotch and vanilla type of Chardonnay as I have only recently started liking Chardonnay.

The sun starting to nod his head, making me feel lazy, sleepy and lazy yet still having an hours and 10min drive home via the sharp and winding new re-opened Franschhoek pass, I need to be wide awake and alert!! We don’t want to go down any mountain cliffs.

Feeling the need to wake up is much needed we made one final pitstop! Oule Meule Bakery! – Nothing better than a lekker cuppa joe too wake you up.

Now ready for the long way home… and always remember to take the road less traveled.

I really enoyed this years Funcorked. It was very laidback, not over crowded which I like as it feels more intimate. The weather was good, the food excellent and the wine fantastic. If you haven’t been before make sure you don’t miss out on next years event.

See you there!! xxx


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