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@Four Cousins Offers The Ultimate Boozy Whoop-de-do!

@Four Cousins Offers The Ultimate Boozy Whoop-de-do!

Have you ever been to @ Four Cousins Restaurant? Don’t worry if your answer is no, because neither had I, well… that was until a few weeks ago. You know what my boozy loving friends? During lockdown, I came to the realisation that I had kinda lost my original focus point of my blog. One of the main reasons or objectives as to why I started blogging (after a 4 year break) is so that I can showcase the spectacular beauty and little hidden gems of the BreedeRiver Valley. To tell people that yes there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and it is a beautiful one!

You know… the amount of times I have driven pass @ Four Cousins Restaurant, but never thought to pop in for a visit is actually quite shocking! Surprisingly enough, I am not the only one. After a brief Instagram poll 87% of my viewer said they had visited @ Four Cousins!

So hopefully at the end of this article, you will be itching to hop into your car and take a lekker road trip down to Robertson.

My Boozy Kitchen’s Boozy Affair @ Four Cousins Restaurant

It was such a stunning Saturday morning! The sky? The bluest of blues! Everything was bright and fresh! It definitely felt as though Spring was slowly pushing her way through.

The staff are super welcoming and ready to get all that horrid Covid – 19 protocols out of the way, so you can just sit back relax enjoy yourself!

a glimps of my boozy kitchen selfie
No mask… no entry!

As you enter the entrance hall, it immediately feels so inviting. @ Four Cousins has these stunning double volume ceilings that makes the space soo open and spacious.

Floor to ceiling windows and doors allowing the beautiful half wintry spring light in and the beautiful views from outside to just flow inside. Little extra modern and contemporary finishes that adds that warm and welcoming feeling.

I love how it is all modern, but not to the point that it feels clinical and cold.

It definitely feels inviting!

four cousins restaurant entrance inside
How gorgeous is this entrance hall? Don’t you just love how the natural light beams through the space, bringing you the outside inside. It totally makes this space so bright and extremely inviting!

Wait… What? Four Cousins do Beer?

boet beer bar at four cousins
The Boet Beer Bar @ Four Cousins Restaurant! Beer on tap? No problem!

Yup that is right! Four Cousins has a micro brewery called Boet Beer. Even better this range is brewed right here all under the watchful eye of the inhouse brew master. He uses only the state of the art equipment, the finest mountain water and the best imported malt and hops.

boet beer micro brewery
the full view of the boet beer micro brewery at four cousins restaurant
Just loving the shiny copper!

Boet beer offers a beer experience where you can taste their full range which includes the following:

  • a Lager;
  • Easy Blonde;
  • Pale Ale;
  • English IPA;
  • and an American Ale.

I also heard via the boozy pipeline they are in the process of making a stout which is definitely something I would enjoy! Nothing nicer than a dark, creamy and bitter stout! So I can’t wait for that to be released! I haven’t sampled Boet beers yet… Just another valid reason to make a second visit!!

The Four Cousins Restaurant

Four cousins restaurant is broken up into different spaces creating again something for everyone. You have the lounge area with huge comfy couches where you can just sit and enjoy a cuppa coffee with the winter sun recharging your soul.

coffee at four cousins restaurant
Starting my Saturday Morning with a cuppa joe!

You have the bar area and on a Saturday the dudes comes together to watch the favourite rugby team play a game or two!

bar area at four cousins restaurant

If you love the outdoors and if the morning is as beautiful as this one, you can soak up the morning by sitting in this gorgeous outdoor space under a massive weeping pepper tree.

Around the corner is also a play area for the little ones to keep themselves busy while mom and dad can have a moment or two of quiet time. (I didn’t take a picture as there were kiddies playing on it and didn’t want to look like some weirdo taking pictures of children – especially with all these child kidnapping place)

outdoor area at four cousins

Then if you looking for a little more exclusivity and romance you have the fine dining area. Again you notice the same design being repeated. Now where did I see that floor pattern being repeated?

fine dining area at four cousins
Don’t you love the modern industrial feel?
decor at four cousins

More Than Just Vino!

Here @ Four Cousins you can purchase all of your favourite Four Cousins / van Loveren products or should I rather say wine ranges. From the Four Cousins skinny wine to fiver, the van Loveren range which includes beloved Christina Range and the much favourite Zandvliet but wait there is more…

You can get a selection of gins (Vale, Howling Owl, Victoria Stag and Solo Avatar) , Craft Rums (which I haven’t tasted yet), Creamy liquors, Whisky and Brandy’s.

You will also find some boozy soaps and chocolates! I do warn you to enter with caution… If it wasn’t for the weekend band of alcohol sales over the weekend – I would have walked out broke 🤣.

Food and Wine Pairing @ Four Cousins

The tasting room @ Four Cousins is absolutely gorgeous, you have the massive windows/doors that open up and have a picturesque back drop of the famous Langeberg Mountains.

Here you can taste up 11 different types of booze (which includes wine, gin and whisky) and food pairings. My host for the day Ricardo was such a blast. He told me that he was going to showcase his ultimate food and wine favourite pairings.

Ricardo Our wonderful host at Four Cousins
Our wonderful host – Ricardo!

He also went to asked what I would like to sample – Obviously seeing the Whisky I know without a heartbeat that would be my option, as I had NO idea Four Cousins did a whisky!! I just HAVE to taste!

The last time I enjoyed a good whisky was more than a year back on my UK trip!! My mouth was watering!!

Ricardo’s Food and Wine Pairing Selection

Food and wine experience at Four Cousins

So the first pairing was a Rose Granita with fennel. OH my goodness! That granita is absolutely delicious and so refreshing. The hint of fennel really gives it an extra level of dimension. This is perfect for a hot summer evening or even as a palate cleanser between meals. Please share your recipe!

Next up was Sparkling White paired with a fig, Camembert Melba toast. This is the perfect good morning sparkling to enjoy with your breakfast. Anyone who says you can’t have wine for breakfeast unfriend them… you don’t need that negativity in your life!

Now the next pairing completely blew my mind. 🤯 I took a sip of the Four Cousins Dry White – and honestly I was not overly impressed, but who would have every guessed that a simple thing like a flipping “good morning biscuit” can transform a wine to a freaking next level.

A wine that for me fell a completely flat, I could not even pick up anything (maybe my palate was a little compromised but the wine itself didn’t do it for me)… to being upgraded to 5 levels within an instant. It was bursting with such fruitiness and complexity. It was as if I was drinking a completely different wine. A good morning biscuit – shakes head!

Last pairing of Ricardo’s was the Natural sweet (Now I don’t and can’t do sweet wines anymore, OK yes, I am now a wine snob… but we all have to start somewhere and it is normally the sweet wines) but this sweet wine being paired with biltong.

Oh my Aunty Fanny – this wine transformed into a gorgeous port like wine. It was absolutely delicious. Normally where I would avoid sweet wine like the plague – I may now consider this wine for a Friday evening chilling on the couch munching on Biltong and watching a movie. It was that good!

Now for my pairing!!

the scottish cousin whisky and sweet pairing at Four Cousins

(Rubbing hands together with an evil mwaaahaaahaa laugh) I was eagerly waiting to try the Scottish Cousin a taste!!

Ok so the first one up is the Scottish Cousin 5 year old paired with Nougat. First sip I’m like: “Oh my friend – I have missed you!!” (Especially with prohibition- it was like man – this is goooooooood! Doing a #happydance)

The next tasting is the 8 Year Old Whisky – just when you thought it could not get any better – BOOM! 💥💥💥💥 I was upgrade from Level 10 to Level 25!! This whisky paired with something so simple like a creme caramel – haahaa… well it is like the ultimate heavenly match.

Then it was time to meet the oldest cousin – the 12 year old. (Laughs) And paired with Sweetie Pie???? Ooooooooooh! (eyes rolls back to the back of the head with a massive smile on the face! pretty much a Mark Weins signature move)

Well – you will have to come back for more my full review on the Scottish Cousin range!

And then to round the tasting off – I did ask Ricardo for a small taste of the Christine 10 year old Brandy. Only because I super enjoy Nuy’s Copper Pot Distilled Brandy (…and I am not a brandy fan) but I wanted to compare the two! Okay, so… I think… I love a good brandy 😍🥰 (Neat with a block or two of ice… and if anyone pours coke with this brandy I will personally come and haunt you for the rest of your life) – I will also do a full review of this brandy as well in the near future so don’t go anywhere!!

Christina 10 year old brandy

And that folks came to the end of my Four Cousins experience, and it was time to move one. My next stop is Owls Rest and this is another great must read! Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t done so already so as to not miss another amazing little gem read….

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