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Foodie News: Tuna Steaks from Green Fish

Foodie News: Tuna Steaks from Green Fish

This message although PR News for on behalf of Green Fish, it is one that is very close to my heart. The over fishing of our oceans!! When I can, I support our local fishermen as they are struggling to survive for their families. That is why I am so big on #SupportLocal. The sad thing is they are fighting to have the right to fish as they are viewed as poachers. Which is so not fair, these guys have been fisherman their whole lives, there fathers were fishermen and their grand fathers and their great grand fathers all have been fisherman. The sea is in these guys veins. I am all for fish that has a traceability, sustainably sourced and environmentally sound. Purchasing your seafood from Greenfish you are doing exactly that.

About Green Fish

Green Fish Yellow Fin Tuna

Green Fish is a Cape Town based family run fishing business that has been servicing the restaurant, hospitality and wholesale industry with high quality, seasonal and locally sourced fish, and seafood products for almost 20 years.

Now Green Fish is offering a wide selection of quality sustainable fresh seafood delivered directly to your doorstep. YAY!!!

The COVID 19 lockdown kick started our ambition to bring fresh fish directly from the ocean to anybody’s home in under 24 hours.

Greenfish is proud to be a part of the global solution to over fishing by encouraging more sustainable seafood choices from responsibly managed legal sources that are environmentally sound.

Committed to ensuring that all the seafood offered will be sourced from legal fishing operations and traceable back to its point of origin.

Delivering a fresh passionate product with knowledge of where is comes from. We simply love all things FISH! Order fresh fish to be delivered to your door from their online shop : www.greenfish.co.za

And with Father’s day coming up skip the socks and undies for a delicious meal to remember with the help of Green Fish.

Us South African’s, we love to braai almost anything and there is nothing more delicious and unforgettable than Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks (don’t forget it will get delivered straight to your door by Green Fish) on the braai.

Price: 299.00 2x Yellowfin Tuna Steaks 800g 950g per box (Your fish will arrive in individual vacuum packs, to make it easy to use at home)

You can order fresh fish to be delivered to your door from their online
shop www.greenfish.co.za

Here you can have piece of mind that your tuna has been locally and sustainably caught by Green Fish Pole fisherman, one hook, one line,
one fish at a time. Carefully selected for you to enjoy with your family or friends. You can also use this to cut sashimi or marinade for the braai.

This box is ideal for any fish lover to add some variety into their weekday cooking or on the braai. Greenfish has taken care of the mess; you look after the rest.

To make matters even easier for you – Here is a gorgeous FREE DOWNLOADABLE recipe for saving you even more time. Enjoy!!

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