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UK Trip Part IV (B): Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

Visiting Anne Hathaway’s picturesque cottage is like the Utopia of romancing in the English Countryside. It is just absolutely beautiful! A mini paradise! Everything about this cottage; screams Old English Heritage. The quintessential English cottage consists of half timbered white wash walls, thatch-roofed, diamond shaped lead windows all surrounded by a vibrant English garden. Day Dreaming in an English Garden […]

UK Trip Part III: Waddesdon Manor

Our next adventure, sets off, in a Louis XIV style French Renaissance Chateau called Waddesdon Manor. This manor was owned by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. It was built in 1874, in a little suburb; called Buckinghamshire, Milton Keyens. Milton Keyens is situated only 72 kilometers away from London! Also known as the home of the code breakers , Bletchly Park […]

UK Trip Part II: Windsor Castle

We landed at about 07H00 (U.K time) and the flight was not half as bad as I anticipated. We had slight turbulence on the way which lasted perhaps 2 minutes. To be honest I was quite glad to be finally on the ground. Oh my goodness for those who have never been to London Heathrow – guys it is massive!! […]

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