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Laurens Campher and an Old Fashioned Pickled Fish Recipe

It comes as no surprise that Annatjie Melck has developed a treasure trove of her own very special recipes and loves to explore the very best pairings with Muratie’s wines, all of which are named after intriguing personalities intertwined with the story of the historic estate. We just love a good story don’t we? Eastertime is pickled fish time, especially […]

Greenfish! Your Sustainable Summer Meals: Smoky Yellowtail Braai

Summer and the festive season is here. This means lots of entertaining friends and family. Are you bored of the normal protein options…” chicken or beef?” Shake things up with delicious, fresh, and sustainably caught yellowtail tuna from Greenfish. Add a truly Cape Townian dish to your summer spread. Locally and sustainably caught by our artisanal handline fisherman, one hook, […]

Foodie News: Tuna Steaks from Green Fish

This message although PR News for on behalf of Green Fish, it is one that is very close to my heart. The over fishing of our oceans!! When I can, I support our local fishermen as they are struggling to survive for their families. That is why I am so big on #SupportLocal. The sad thing is they are fighting […]

RECIPES: Celebrate Family Day the #SALockdown Way

As the long-weekend approaches has now passed (I know a little delayed but needless to say with #SALockdown it is kinda a long weekend, so I guess the same principles do still apply right? Right! Glad we on the same page!!) Anyway with the current ongoing #SALockdown in no doubt we all are trying to find creative ways to keep […]

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