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A Perfect Pairing: Steenberg Catharina New Vintage & Lamb Neck Stuffed with Ricotta and Herbs

Succumb to the warm embrace of Catharina, Steenberg’s assured and alluring flagship red just released in a richly textured new vintage to enjoy with hearty winter comfort food. Bold yet suave, forthright yet subtle, this accomplished Bordeaux-style red blend embodies the courageous life of Catharina Ras, Steenberg’s inspiring 17th century founder. Steenberg Catharina 2020, the 23rd since its maiden vintage […]

Cape of Good Hope Wines – Treasuring Our Heritage with FREE Recipe Cards!

With an impressive wine portfolio, the most noble in the Anthonij Rupert Wyne collection is the Cape of Good Hope Wines, which forms part of South Africa’s Old Vines Initiative. Made from some of the oldest South African vines, the Cape of Good Hope range comprises terroir-specific wines created in celebration of South Africa’s 350-year-old vinous heritage. The first vintage […]

RECIPE: White Wine Waterblommetjie Breedie

Winter in the Cape normally comes with cold and wet rainy weather, all screaming soup, stews, potjies and plenty of red wine. One of my biggest food excitements in Winter is Waterblommetjie Breedie. For me, there is nothing more simpler and comforting than this humble dish. Indigenous to the Boland/Cape Wineland, waterblommetjies are small little flowers that blossom during the […]

Wicked Lamb Shanks Baked in White Wine

Guys, lamb shanks baked in white wine is the perfect recipe, if you are looking at making a super impressive dinner. It is dead simple, not only is it easy to make, it looks and smells amazing. This is my go to recipe when I have a “special/celebratory” dinner. If you want to cook something special, seriously folks, you just […]

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