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Ayama: Where Italian Flair Meets South African Soil

Welcome to My Boozy Kitchen, where we celebrate the finer things in life! Today, I hope you have your comfy shoes on as we’re embarking on a vinous adventure—a journey that begins with the sun-drenched slopes of Ayama Wines. Nestled on the sun-kissed slopes of the Paardeberg Mountain, just a leisurely stone’s throw away from Cape Town you will discover […]

Journey’s End Vineyards Awarded WWF Conservation Champion Status

Journey’s End Vineyards, the boutique estate situated on the mountain slopes above Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in the Helderberg basin, has been awarded WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)Conservation Champion Status, a prestigious accreditation bestowed upon environmental leaders in the Cape Winelands. Conservation Champion farms are committed to regenerative farming practices, including conserving natural systems and biodiversity on their land […]

Louisvale: Where Old Meets New!

Normally, I don’t like to use the word hidden gem, over the last two years every Tom, Dick and Harry has become a hidden gem. This takes away the true meaning of the phrase. Having said that, Louisvale is literally hidden – tucked away in vineyards. If you don’t know better, you would just simply drive by! Instead of calling […]

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