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Wine of the Month: Understanding Cape Port

Fortified wines in South Africa has been popular since the 1800’s when it was very much in fashion to drink in Europe. Simon van der Stel’s wine was much loved by King George IV of England, King Louis-Philippe of France and yes even the very famous Napoleon Bonaparte—who, legend has it, requested a glass of this sweet nectar from South […]

Wine Talk: The Holy Grail of Wine – Pinot Noir

Last month, my boozy friends, we discussed Pinot Blanc, this month, I will be chatting to you about the red version… Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir is one of my favourite red wines, it has this beautiful red colour – more of a light garnet. Has this amazing nose of red fruits and berries with a slight hint of barnyard which […]

Pinotage – Why the Love Hate Relationship?

Pinotage! What comes to mind if you think about a bottle of Pinotage? Is it a love, or is it a hate? The Pinotage cultivar is sadly known as the dark horse within the Red Wine World. I read on Cape Town Magazine’s website which summons it up quite nicely. You are welcomed to read the full article here! “If […]

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