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An Absolute Little Treasure: Why You Need To Visit Owls Rest Olive And Lavender Farm?”

An Absolute Little Treasure: Why You Need To Visit Owls Rest Olive And Lavender Farm?”

My dear adventurous booze loving friends – today I have an absolute little gem that I want to discuss with you today: Owls Rest – Olive and Lavender Farm. This little place is a real and proper hidden gem, so ever so neatly tucked away in the Klassvoogds River Valley, just off the R62 between Robertson and Ashton.

Owls Rest Olive and Lavender Farm provide you with the wonderful and delightful opportunity to experience a real working farm environment. You go on a farm tour and see how the herbs, such as Lavender, Rosemary and Rose Geranium are hand harvested, then steamed distilled to create essential oils and floral water.

On the tour you can also have the opportunity to taste the olive oils and products that are are made on the farm.

Tour costs are R75 pp with a minimum of two people being required.

Owls Rest Story:

Current owners, Hedley and Patricia Manicom bought the Owl Rest farm in July 2016. Hedley’s engineering and business background combines well with Patricia’s landscaping and creative design skills and with the support of their small but capable workforce they have made this farm a huge success.

The staff at Owls Rest all grew up in the Langeberg valley therefore having a deep understanding of all what is on offer. Each staff member brings their own unique and specific strengths which all contributes towards creating the ultimate customer experience. It can be from providing great products for you to take home and enjoy with other, heavenly refreshments or a just a memorable experience at the farm.

Owls Rest Olive and Lavender Farm Specialty

By means of using a hydro-distillation process they produce Lavender, Rosemary and Rose Geranium essential oils and hydrosols, which you can purchase at their gift shop or online. You can also purchase a wide range of hand-made household, personal care, cosmetics products, and gifts packs which are all made on the farm using these essential oils.

Owls Rest strives to only use natural ingredients. Their products are also not tested on any animals.

Here the lavender and olive farm also produces a silky smooth blend of extra virgin olive oil. Owls rest extra virgin olive oil combines the flavours of five different olive cultivars. This creates a delicate but complex oil suitable for both salads and cooking. You can also find raw olives, mouthwatering tapenades and pastes. That is not all you can also find interesting chutneys, relishes, and marmalade and it is all handmade right here on the farm.

My favourite preserve is the Lemon and Lavender marmalade and hubby practically devoured the Bell Pepper Relish with almost everything. I have to admit that Bell Pepper Relish poured over Camembert cheese is a real treat on a cheese board.

But that is not all my boozy darlings you can also purchase 3 homemade refreshing cordials: Lavender, Rose Geranium and Lemon. I totally love the rose geranium, I just love the savoury herbaceousness which comes through it is very pleasant and refreshing.

On a hot summer day these cordials are absolutely refreshing. So don’t be shy and make sure you take a few bottles home with you so you can sip and savour at home, either on its own or add to your favourite Gin and tonic. Trust me – you will thank me later!! 🙂

Then ultimately before you head back home YOU HAVE to treat yourself to a lavender muffin (freshly baked) and the Owls famous cordial, or just enjoy a lovely cheese and olive platter at their cutest little coffee garden. Here you can actually just sit back, totally relax, kick them shoes off, let that hair down and just soak up the beauty that surrounds you…

The mountains…. The absolute silence, except for the whispering of sounds of nature. Here you will hear only a chorus of birds announcing spring is starting to peak her head, the gentle rustling of leaves as a warm breeze gently brushes past, and the cantabile stream nearby. This in itself is a valid reason to visit Owls Rest, everything else is an absolute bonus!

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      This is a very special place. Unfortunately, when we stopped (Pretty sure it was this place) they were having a function that day, so we couldn't' enjoy it to its fullest.

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