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About Us

Hello and Welcome to My Boozy Kitchen!

My Boozy Kitchen

My name is Abby, but most of my friends have dubbed me “Abbalicioius”. I am by nature a very passionate person, who has a love for food, life and enjoys the outdoors. Experimenting new things and to be creative is all what this crazy red-headed girl is all about.

Living in the heart of Stellenbosch for 15 years, how can a person not be passionate about great food and enjoying some of the best wines? My wine knowledge comes from working for 8 years in the wine industry, which includes working on an two award-winning wine farms in South Africa.  Look, I am no wine expert, but I love learning, and tasting and exploring.

What is My Boozy Kitchen is all about?

You will find amazing recipes, some healthy (some with booze) and some so illegal it should be banned!  You will learn about the different cultivars and styles of wine, interesting wine facts, how to pair wine with food and anything else that contains something boozy. I do my best and discuss a particular cultivar for each month.

As I explore I will share some of the most amazing wine farms, local craft houses, festivals, and everything else that our beautiful country has to offer. You will find reviews on where to shop locally, favourite farmers markets, festivals, and places to eat. Local is Lekker, and I believe in supporting local. #SupportLocal #DrinkLocal #EatLocal

This blog is all about enjoying great food, drinking the best booze, and exploring new experiences!

I hope you will enjoy the journey along with me!


Do you do product reviews?

Absolutely Yes! If the content fits well with the site and I feel it’s something it would interest my readers. If you have a product, cookbook, appliance that will be of great value to my readers, please let me know. I am also happy to host a giveaway on your behalf.

**However please note: I do not accept any bribery to publish my positive feedback on a product.  All review posts are entirely my own opinion. Any products or services that are gifted or comped for review is marked with an asterisk (*)

Do you accept guest posts?

Once again yes!! If you have something that would be valuable and interest my readers, I am happy to have you as a guest blogger.

Something else?

Have another idea you’d like to pitch to My Boozy Kitchen? I’d love to hear it. Feel free to email me: info@myboozykitchen.co.za

Let’s work together!


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