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The Franschhoek Wine Valley: Seven Food & Wine Experiences You Can Indulge On

The Franschhoek Wine Valley: Seven Food & Wine Experiences You Can Indulge On

We all know and love the Franschhoek Wine Valley. When we do visit, we can’t help pretending for a moment or two of being in France. Gorgeous old wine estates with their original French names, luscious rolling vineyards, over shadowed by ancient oak trees. And this my friends.. is just the tip of the iceberg on what you can feel and experience.

Apart from the wine, we have food, wellness, sightseeing, art and shopping. One does not know where to begin. If you are visiting for the first time it might be a complete overwhelming experience – I mean where do you begin?

Never fear when My Boozy Kitchen is near!! I have put a list together of some of the best food/booze experiences that you can enjoy in a day! It includes a little wine, I mean the coolest wine experience, amazing mouthwatering food, some beer, a little heritage and of course views, views and more views!!

#1 ~ Boschendal – Celebrating the Past, Present and Future!

Boschendal comes with a warning! How so? Because if you’re on a tight schedule then Boschendal is extremely dangerous. Next thing before you wipe your eyes out – BOOM 💥💥 the day is gone. So my recommendation is too plot and plan the specific experiences you want to enjoy for that day.

Unless… you’re taking it slower – then your problem is solved. 😁 Needing a place to stay? How does staying in one of the most oldest and breathtakingly beautiful wine farms South Africa has to offer sound? Sold? Fantastic, because Boschendal celebrates the past, present and future!

Boschendal - wine farm in the Franschhoek Wine Valley

Boschendal’s accommodation varies from staying in a Historical cottage built in 1685 to cottages in the orchards. Note – emphasis on stylish and simplicity. If you are longing for that authentic farm living with a touch of contemporary feel. This is the accommodation for you.

Other than the obvious of sipping on fantastic award winning wines, your culinary taste buds will be in for an experience. And what a selection to choose from – you have the Werf Resturaunt with its soil to fork dining; the Deli with its delicious farm style menu along with a selection of seasonal produce from the farm garden.

Should you be on a quick run you have the option of popping in at the Farm Shop and Butchery; where you are able to find a gorgeous selection of the finest local artisanal products.

But there is more… See! Told you there is plenty too do at Boschendal. If you are a more active person… well you can burn off some energy by taking one of the few MTB/Hiking trails. Want to feel romantic? You can enjoy a sunrise/set horseback ride. Feel like lazing under the big ole trees with a picnic basket? No problem Boschendal has that too. Oh wait and one more thing; Boschendal has a Drive In too!

To be honest – I personally do need to spend more time at Boschendal.

#2 ~ Black Elephant Vintners – The Wine Rebels of the Franschhoek Wine Valley

I promise you, if you are looking for the best wine experience, which is completely different… you NEED to add Black Elephant Vintners to your list. Calling themselves the Misfits of the wine industry or Rebels of the Vine – breaking the boundaries and it is not limiting it to their wine production, but to their customer experiences as well. Have you ever heard of a wine and music pairing? That is right! You can have a music and wine experience at the Black Elephant Vintners.

And NO… we not talking boring classical music! It is a vast array of music from Beach Boys to P!nk to Queen… The more you taste the more fun it becomes! Just make sure you have that Uber waiting for you! You can read more about the Black Elephant Vintners here ➡➡➡ [click to read more…]

Even better, you have a choice of not one, not two, but three choices of wine and music experiences too choose from:
  • MCC and Music Experience – 5 MCC’s (Golden Circle Range) – allow just over an hour – R150pp
  • Wine Only and Music Experience – +- 10 Wines (Festival & Backstage Range) – allow 2 hours – R225pp
  • Black Elephant Experience – (Golden Circle, Festival & Backstage Wines) – allow 2.5 hours – R300pp

What makes this experience extra special is that the tasting is conducted by one of the owners. There is no specific set agenda or duration. It just goes with the flow!

#3 ~ Dieu Donnè Vineyards: A Gift from God!

Right! So… This is what Dieu Donnè means – A gift from God! When standing at the edge of the hill and overlooking the Franschhoek Wine Valley that view is a testament to that statement.

Without a doubt… this presents the perfect Instagramable picture which needs to be included to your itinerary. I mean THAT VIEW of the Franschhoek Wine Valley is absolutely mesmerizing. For a moment, just a very brief moment… you almost think you are in the Rhone Valley. And… of course sipping on a glass of bubbles elevates the experience even more so!

#4 ~ Le Lude: Unforgettable Cap Classique

Le Lude, being one of 24 members on the Cap Classique Route in the Franschhoek Wine Valley, whose ethos is based on producing naturally bottle-fermented sparkling wines since 1693. If sipping Cap Classique {bubbles} is your thang – well I say no more. The tasting room at Le Lude is waiting in welcoming you to their tasteful and stylish room. Contemporary French? Perhaps is the best way to describe this space. The clever way of using light and space creates an atmosphere that is very friendly and welcoming.

Of course tasting wine is more on offer, you can enjoy a lovely Afternoon Tea to complete the experience. Bonus.. it kicks off with the estate’s award winning bubbles!

# 5 ~ Noble Hill: A Little Samba in the Franschhoek Wine Valley

Of course, if you looking for an utterly different and relaxed experience… then Noble Hill is on that list of yours. Situated on the other side of the Franschhoek Wine Valley (Simondium-Klapmuts side) here you can relax, let your hair loose and enjoy a little Latino among the vineyards.

Firstly, you need to have something eat – you can either enjoy a picnic (weather dependent) or sit on the terrace (again weather dependent) or inside by the cozy fire place… allowing your taste buds explore Southern Californian styled foods. It is not very often we get foods like fish tacos, breakfast buritos, or a zucchini & red pepper enchiladas on South African menus.

Noble Hill has a wonderful selection of wines which prides themselves on fruitiness, structure, elegance, and above all authentic to their origin. Having produced some of South Africa’s finest wines for more than 300 years.

#6 Hey Joe: Monkin Around in Franschhoek

From Latino Inspiration we now go Dutch! There is more to Franschhoek that meets the eye. We have had fun in between the vineyards, music, plenty wine and bubbles and even a little Latin inspired food, but now this one is for the BEER lovers. We now arrive at a Belgium inspired Brewery. Hey Joe! No… no… not you psycho stalker on Netflix; you sit down. We talking about a 1961 ‘De Halve Maan’ copper brewhouse which has made its way from Belgium to Franschhoek and installed in a Belguim Abbey Style Brewery.

Loving the monastery inspired building here you can sample a selection of up to 10 different types of Belgium beers. Starting from a pale ale all the way down to the big and bold and creamy stouts. My favourites being the Belgium Dubbel, Papa Joe Stout and the Belgium Cherry (no… no… it is not a Belgium Meisie, but a beer matured with Cherries) and too round the experience off just go ahead and tuck into some delicious Belgium styled pub grub. I promise we not looking.

#7~ Glenwood: The Ultimate Wine and Sushi Experience

I have just recently wrote about my Glenwood experience but felt that it needed to be included in this list of food and wine experiences. I mean I am still dreaming about those sushi platters we got to enjoy. If you a sushi lover like myself then Glenwood is a MUST!

What more is there to say about meandering along the Franschhoek Winelands and to be utterly astounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, sipping the finest Chardonnay and feasting on sushi. This in it self for me… completes this Franschhoek Wine Valley experience.

In conclusion:

So my suggestion, use it… don’t use it. Have an uber or bring a friend who doesn’t drink so they end up being the designated driver – just keep them happy with food. (MBK endorses no drinking and driving; and with new laws of Zero Tolerance ? You will not even be allowed to taste and spit) Come hungry because at the end of the day or weekend you will be rolling like a Jellytot out of Franschhoek.

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