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5 Classic Cocktails You Need to be Sipping This Summer

5 Classic Cocktails You Need to be Sipping This Summer

Now that the echoes of festive cheer have faded, and the familiar hum of work and school days has resumed, our summer is still in full swing, and we are living for those long lazy weekend evenings that come alive with the clink of ice cubes and the laughter of friends. It’s time to unwind and savour the start of the year with the best summer cocktails.

Whether you’re sipping on a fresh Pina Colada with sweet summery chunks of pineapple, a classic Tom Collins, a lively and zesty Aperol Spritz, or even if it’s mocktails for your teetotaller friends – the rule is straightforward – any drink that brings a cool and joyful touch to your cocktail experience is a delightful choice.

If you’re just starting out on your mixology journey, fret not. Begin by stocking your bar with the essentials for crafting these summer classic cocktails that never go out of style:

A Summer Classic Cocktail: Mojito

nothing shouts a classic summer cocktail than a mojito

A refreshing classic summer cocktail is the Cuban classic that combines the crisp notes of fresh mint, the tangy burst of lime, and the subtle kick of rum. Muddle the mint, squeeze the lime, add a touch of simple syrup, and top it off with ice and rum for the perfect summer rejuvenation.
Virgin: Swap the rum for soda water.

Watermelon Daiquiris

Indulge in the juicy sweetness of summer with this delightful twist on the traditional daiquiri. This classic summer cocktail contains a twist with fresh watermelon chunks, orange juice, a splash of lime juice, and a generous pour of light rum create a vibrant and thirst-quenching concoction that’s perfect for sipping as the sun sets.

Virgin: Omit rum and increase orange juice.

Another Summer Classic Cocktail: A Mai Tai

classic summer cocktail is a mai tai

Transport yourself to hot summer days in the tropics with a Mai Tai – a vacation in every sip. This classic summer cocktail features a perfect blend of light and dark rums, fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, and a hint of almond syrup. Garnish with a cherry and a slice of lime.

Sour Cherry Mezcal Margarita

For the adventurous palate, this margarita adds a smoky and tart kick to the classic. Mix mezcal with sour cherry juice, fresh lime juice, and a touch of agave syrup for a unique and bold flavour profile. Rim the glass with salt for the perfect balance of sweet, smoky, and sour.

No Spritz, No Party

summer cocktail with sparkling wine

Indulge your taste buds in a refreshing symphony of flavours with the “No Spritz, No Party” cocktail featuring Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut. This delightful concoction combines the zesty flavour of frozen oranges, bitter-sweet Aperol, and the gentle sparkle of RW Brut Sparkling to create a cocktail that’s not just a drink but an experience.

Virgin: Use Robertson non-alcoholic dry Sparkling White


  • 6 Oranges, frozen with skin on
  • 100 ml Soda
  • 100 ml Aperol
  • RW Brut Sparkling


  • Freeze the oranges with the skin on
  • Once frozen, remove and cut off the skin while maintaining the frozen state
  • Cut the oranges into smaller blocks, ensuring the icy freshness is preserved
  • In a small jar, combine the frozen orange blocks, Aperol, and 100 ml of soda
  • With a hand blender, blend the ingredients until smooth, creating a vibrant and velvety orange concoction
  • Fill your glasses with this citrusy blend and top it up with the pièce de résistance – RW Brut Sparkling
  • Garnish each glass with a twist of orange peel, enhancing the aroma and visual appeal

Looking for a few virgin/non alcoholic drinks – see here for ideas!

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