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Terra Del Capo: A Taste of Italy in Franschhoek!

Guys! Guys! Guys!! OH… MY… WORD…!!! If you want to take your taste buds to the moon and back five times over!! Then climb in your car right now and head off to Terra de Capo Antipasti Bar at Anthonij Rupert. Your taste buds will experience an apex like never before. Their newly launched winter menu is unbelievably, mind blowingly […]

Kunjani Launches a Stylish and Refreshing New Look!

A few weeks back I was very privileged to be invited to the launch of Kunjani’s new wine label. For sometime now, I have been itching to make a visit to Kunjani. In just a few moments you will see why. This is THEE place to go, if you want to have a gastronomical experience! What an experience it was, […]

Havana Club 7 Años creates a Rumaissance

Rum has come a long way over the last 500 years. For centuries, rum has a bad reputation and branded as the hooligan of spirits. Now, growing in popularity it is fast showing its appeal to sippers world-wide. Craft beer and artisan gin are having to make way for the latest spirit to set a global trend as the sweet […]

NEWS: Umami Tasting at Grande Provence

Come and experience an exciting savoury twist to exploring wine in the Franschhoek valley with the all new Umami tasting at The Bistro at Grande Provence. Umami, a pleasant savoury taste considered the 5th basic taste after sweet, sour, salty and bitter, melds beautifully with Grande Provence wines. The Umami wine tasting pairs three wines with flavourful savoury morsels. Guests […]

Spoil Yourself With These 5 Autumn Wines

And just like that #snapsfingers… Autumn is gone and winter has arrived with a BANG!! Time flies, when you are having fun – well, so the saying goes! I am sad that my favourite time of the year has drawn to a rapid end. Autumn is my all time favourite season. Just stop for a minute and close your eyes. […]

Gin and Tonic Cheesecake

OH my boozy friends, do I have a treat in stored for you today!!! Are you a Gin and Tonic lover? Do you also enjoy a good slice of cheesecake? Well then your ultimate world has just collided with a BANG!! Yes my dear friends, today I will be sharing with you my ultimate no bake Gin and Tonic Cheesecake […]

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